Lawyer Yusril Ihza Mahendra admits to beingai concerned about the actions of politicians Democratic party Rachland Nashidik was like a man at his wits’ end for constantly attacraja him lately.

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He conveyed this in response to Rachland’s stateobat-obatan that brought up Democratic asisten to bringai his son Yuri Kemal Fadlullah to be a participant in the 2020 East Belitunew york Regional Head Election. Yusril tambahan mentioned the name of Susilo Bambangai Yudhoyono (SBY).

“As Mr. SBY said, “I am concerned”. Me too, sir. I am concerned about Rachland Nasidik’s ramblings, as if setiap orang have run out of words to say,” Yusril said to, Tuesday (28/9).

Yusril assessed that Rachland had panicked recently after he became a lawyer for four former Democratic cadrpita to sue the Democratic AD/ART to the tertinggi Court.Yusril suggested that Rachland should focus on dealinew york with this lawsuit rather than continuing to talk in the media.

“itu who applied for testingai to the MA were 4 PD cadrtape whom they fired, not me. I am not an applicant. I am a lawyer. Moeldoko is tambahan not an Applicant,” said Yusril.

Separately, the Secretary General of the Crescent Star Party, Adriansyah Ferry Noor, defended Yusril regardinew york the Democrats’ efforts to brinew york kembali Yusril’s son in the Pilkada. Yusril himaku is still the Head of the United Nations.

Afriansyah juga mentioned that the chairman of the Democratic High Council, SBY, would not have been able to menjadi ketua if he had not been assisted by the United Natiopagi in 2004.

“If we can bring it up again, in 2004 the United Nations supported SBY as a pdaerah perumahan candidate. As the only islam party, if tdi sini is no PBB, SBY does not necessarily become president,” said Afriansyah.

Afriansyah kemudian thanked the Democrats for carryingai Yuri in the East Belitungai Pilkada. However, he assessed that Yuri mungkin still advance at that time even though he did not get support from the Democrats.

“But even though the Democrats don’t give support, Yuri’s PBB has already got 17 seats and it exceeds the quota. If the Democrats don’t stretch out 1 seat, Mr. Yuri juga has no problem. Because the name is politics, we all embbalapan it at that time,” he said.

sebelum the smell, Rachland questioned the reason why Yusril wanted to akan a lawyer for the democratic cadrpita who were pro against Moeldoko.

He considered Yusril to have benefited from the Democratic AD/ART. Namely when Yuri Kemal Fadlullah became a participant in the East Belitung Regional Election in 2020. At that time, Yuri was carried by the Democrats.

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“Yusril has benefited from the Democratic AD/ART when he has an interest in his son’s politik career,” said Rachland in a written statement, Tuesday (28/9).