Penelope(Cent )Vanderhof Sycamore, a mom in her mid-fifties, the matriarch of a comic house, relaxed as well as care free. Dime plainly likes her household and also life itself. After a typewriter is incorrectly provided to her, she drops her old pastime of paint and also starts to create plays. She does both extremely severely, however snappy and also levity.

Paul Sycamore

Paul Sycamore, Cent's hubby and also daddy of the Sycamore brood. Paul has actually surrendered average job to create fireworks in his cellar. He usually attempts them out in the facility of the living-room. He plans to market them, however his strategies never ever fairly exercise. Paul is much less engaged than his partner in the lives of the kids since he invests a lot time in the cellar.

Grandfather Martin Vanderhof

Grandfather Martin Vanderhof, the patriarch as well as creator of the household's unique way of life. The Sycamore family members plainly focuses on Grandfather, as well as his eccentric clear-sightedness conserves the day greater than when. Eventually, Grandfather left job as well as never ever returned; he invests his life currently in an extra effective way, tossing darts, going to starts, and also appreciating his family members.

Essie Sycamore Carmichael

Essie Sycamore Carmichael, the older child, that is wed. Essie divides her time in between making brand-new sort of sweet (effectively) and also exercising to end up being a ballerina (unsuccessfully).

Ed Carmichael

Ed Carmichael, Essie's hubby. Ed plays the xylophone, runs an amateur printing machine in the living-room, and also periodically markets Essie's sweets.

Alice Sycamore

Alice Sycamore, the more youthful little girl, in her very early twenties. Alice is the only typical individual in the Sycamore household. She operates in a workplace on Wall surface Road as well as has no uncommon leisure activities. She is committed to her over-the-top household, nevertheless, as well as normally accepts of their way of lives. Alice loves Tony Kirby yet hesitates that their family members will certainly never ever manage.

Anthony (Tony) Kirby, Jr.

. Anthony (Tony) Kirby, Jr., Alice's fiancé, fresh out of university as well as the brand-new vice head of state of his papa's company, where Alice functions. Tony discovers the Sycamores wonderful, in comparison to his stodgy family members, although, like Alice, he is primarily a typical individual.

Anthony Kirby, Sr.

. Anthony Kirby, Sr., Tony's dad. Mr. Kirby is a stereotyped Wall surface Road magnate: exhausted, concerned, rigid, as well as troubled by acid indigestion. He goes to very first horrified by the shenanigans of the Sycamores yet involves value their "take the day" mindset.


Rheba, the black house maid. Enjoyable in her very own right, Rheba offers relatively unbiased discourse on the behaviors of the Sycamores.


Donald, Rheba's guy. Donald gets on alleviation and also wanders around the Sycamore home in his robe, yet he, also, shows up much more typical than the white individuals around him.

Mr. De Pinna

Mr. De Pinna, an iceman that involved make a shipment 8 years previously, dropped under the Sycamores' spell, as well as has actually remained since. Mr. De Pinna is Paul's aide in the cellar fireworks manufacturing facility and also versions for Cent's paints.

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Ed Carmichael Essie"s spouse Ed, as the phase instructions notify, is a "nonedescript boy" in his thirties. He is an artist and also author that suches as to play the xylophone in addition to layer his profession as an amateur printer. As a leisure activity, he utilizes his hand-press to publish phrases which he discovers in the works of the advanced Russian Communist Leon Trotsky such as "God Is the State; the State is God." Happy with his job, he confines these published expenses in packages with Essie"s sweet. Although Ed publishes his mottos simply for the enjoyable of it, their political messages bring in the interest of the F.B.I., that think Ed is an insurrectionist ...