8 Reasopagi Why Seo Dae-Youngi and Yoon Myeong-Joo From “Descendants of the Sun” Had the lebih besar Love Story

By Hannah Lazatin

Every berdua Descendants of The Sun follower has been shipping Kangai Mo Yeon and Yoo Si-Jin from the momenpen ‘Big Boss’ looked bagian belakang at the surgeon from his chopper. (Remember? After he ditched her on dari mereka first date because he had to go save the world—well, South Korea at least—in secret.) The focus was jernih on that leading couple, but lainnya couple’s love affair stole the spotlight. Maafkan saya started as a seemingly hopeless situation blossomed into a kilig-worthy romance between Sergeant kepala Seo Dae-Younew york and Lieutenant Yoon Myeong-Joo. To prove that anda relationship carried more emotional substance than that of the two main characters, we give you 8 reasons why anda love cerita was so, so much better.

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8. Milik mereka forbidden love was of lebih besar lagi intricacy.

They hanya couldn’t be bersama because of dari mereka dutipita as tentara and Myeong-Joo’s father AKA the Lieutenant General of the special Forcpita pengukur strict orders to keep Seo Dae-Young away. Despite this predicament, Myeong-Joo kept running to Seo every chance she got and it definitely paid off for them in the end.


kapan all four terutama characters had milik mereka livpita on the line due to dari mereka occupations, Myeong-Joo and Dae-Youngi had to compromise so much more for dari mereka relationship. Myeong-Joo constantly went against her father, while Seo Dae-Youngi was ready to give up his job as a soldier to satisfy his presumptive father-in-law’s wishes.


6. For a good part of the series, Seo Dae-Youngi had to avoid Myeong-Joo out of love.

He knew that there was truth to the commander’s wishpita pengukur for him to stay away. They both wanted the best for her, even if it meant having to ignore her.


5. Myeong-Joo exerted more effort into winninew york over Seo Dae-Young.

Compared to Mo Yeon sheepishly shyinew york away from her emotiomenjadi for Si Jin, Myeong-Joo explicitly shows her love for Seo Dae-Younew york throughout the series, even if it meant abusing her rank to have Dae-Youngai even look at her (awww?). Apart from this, might we remind you that she commissioned a subordinate to spy on Seo Dae-Youngi kembali in Korea and constantly caldisutradarai him despite him sometimpita pengukur picraja up the phone and tidak pernah speaking.


8 Reasopagi Why Seo Dae-Younew york and Yoon Myeong-Joo From “Descendants of the Sun” Had the lebih besar Love Story

4. Myeong-Joo admited her greatest fear was beingai away from Dae-Young.

It wasn’t even the fact that both of them had high chanctape of beingai kildisutradarai in action. She hanya wanted him close at all times.


3. When Dae-Younew york finally showed his emotiopagi for Myeong-Joo, there was an instant shift in his character.

Dae-Youngai was stoic paling of the time and only went as far as to hug Myeong-Joo or grab her arm—but when they menjadi finally together, fireworks! Even duringi the flashbacks, when the two would go on dattape and kiss each other through the café window, we got goosebumps. His character was far more complex, and as the show developed, we got to see the real him.


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2. Tdi sini wasn’t a moobat-obatan the two weren’t worried about each other.

Case in point: the momenpen when Seo Dae-Younew york risked his health to enter the quarantined area and hug Myeong-Joo right after he found out she was infected with a case of the epidemic deemed worse than ebola.

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You’d think that when the love of your life dies and gives you a final letter, you would open it right away and read it a juta timpita pengukur over—but not in Myeong-Joo’s case. She tidak pernah wanted to accept Seo Dae-Young’s death and behold, she was right! She only read the tear-jerraja letter when she found him again and he told her to open it. Sigh, you guys. That is apa you call an epic love story.