jakarta - As women, we often hear storipita about the first night. Maafkan saya most women fear is the pain that must be experienced. In fact, thinking too much about pain will actually make the musclpita pengukur around the hips and vagina more tense and uncomfortable when a partner penetrates.

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The second cause of excessive pain is due to lack of forepermainan or warm-up. Maybe shame or even in a hurry to mausai you and your partner forget forepermainan and instead immediately invade the "main menu".

Several things can tolong reduce pain on the first night, one of which is to do the followingi three sex positions:


This classic position must be done on the first night because of its comfortable position and makes you and your partner feel the first relaxed moment of penetration. No need to hesitate to move your hips and legs to adhanya the tingkat of comfort.


Face to face

Sittingi facing your partner is one position that may mausai your heart beat faster, but this position can masetelah it easier for you to adhanya the angle and speed to amagyaroldalak.netd pain.

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If you are still in pain, you should try to turn your kembali to your partner and let him hug you from behind. Penetration from this angle will give you a sense of comfort, even if you"re nervous. Once relaxed, you"ll be ready to try some new positions. Here are three sex positions that can help reduce pain on the first night. Masetelah sure you pee and warm to room temperature.

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