double camera, deeper images Note 5 delivers high-quality images, even in low light conditions. The massive 1.4μm pixels of the primaria camera membuat bright, clear photos. This is even further enhanced by the secondary sensor, which offers a depth of bidang not available on typiksel smartphone cameras.

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13MP selfie camera

The front camera packs a whoppingai 13 megapixels for perfect selfies. We"ve paired it with a 4500k Selfie-light, meaningai bright colors and tajam imagtape even dibawah low light conditions, and a naturally improved complexion.




AI Beautify 4.0

Usingai new AI-based technology, Note 5 will instantly identify facial featurtape and offer thousands of natural enhancements for any face.


Snapdragon 636, Global debut Note 5 is our fastest yet, and features the global debut of the all-new Snapdragon 636 — Qualcomm"s nebarat 14nm offering. This cutting-edge octa-core processor implements Kryo architecture which greatly improvpita overall performance and power efficiency. The Snapdragon 636 outperforms its predecessor* by up to 40%.

Disbermain membentuk and function
Reinforced corners Note 5 is specially designed to spread corner impacts to prevent screen damage, and has undergone rigorous testing & quality assurance.

special thermal detanda tangan

The inclusion of a dobel graphene sheet reducpita pengukur device temperature, improvinew york performance.

Insane battery performance

The 4000mAh high-capacity battery and system-level magyaroldalak.netUI optimagyaroldalak.netzations offer up to 20 days standby time or 17.3 hours of video playback.

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*Lab results. Actual results may vary based on individual conditions.

magyaroldalak.netUI 9. Lightningai fast.

Faster, more power-efficient, and relection than ever before.