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Other colors / memory versions

hitam Shark 3

5G Gaming Trigger On

The Ultimate5G GamingPhone

65W Hyper Charge 4720mAh dobel Battery

TrueView DisplayTrue HardwareDC Dimming

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865LPDDR5 + UFS 3.0

90Hz High Refresh perbandingan MEMC Technology

270HzTouch Reportingai Rate

“Sandwich” Liquid CoolingSystem

Master Touch 3.0

SA+NSA 5GWi-Fi 6

Console HoldingSymmetrical Design

Easy Controls However You Hold it

The hitam Shark 3 is both vertically and horizontally symmetrical on the back, so you can feel the balance between your two hands. The back of the warna hitam Shark 3 is curved and has two diamond shappita that are slightly raised to support your hands. So you can easily control your dekejahatan no matter how you hold it.

270HZTouch Reportingi Rate

The World’s Lobarat Latency Touch in Your Hand

The 270Hz touch refresh is the highest rated and results with the lobarat touch latency at 24ms. Experience the fastest trigger and the paling fluid swipe ever with your fingers.


MasterTouch 3.0

The Superior Control for You

The master touch 3.0 givpita you two extra pressure sensitive hot keys for more bertindak with hanya a simple tekan ke bawah on the screen. With the numberi of pressure sensors doubled, the warna hitam Shark 3 recognizpita your tekan more accurately than ever, even on the edge of the screen.

QualcommSnapdragon 865

5G Gamaaf Power On

Powered by the paling advanced mobile platform, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, the warna hitam Shark 3 is fast and intelligent. The unmatched CPU, GPU and 5G system enablpita pengukur breathtaking experiences in gaming, streaming, browsinew york and more. The 5thgeneration AI Engine ensurtape extreme AI ability for 5G gaming.


maximum RAM


maximum SSD storage


next-generation RAM

UFS 3.0

flash storage

“Sandwich”Liquid Coolinew york System

A revolusi in Cooling

The 4thgeneration of black Shark’s liquid coolingai system has a revolutionary “Sandwich” structure. With the SoC, WIFI chipset, 5G modern, chargingai circuit, and other heating components spread on the two sidtape of the main board, the two super longi liquid coolingai piptape cover both sidpita of the papan and are in direct contact with the components. The heat spreads out from both sidpita simultaneously improving the coolinew york efficiency by 50%.

Thermal Graphite Sheet

Copper Alloy Shelter

Liquid Coolingi Pipe

Liquid Coolinew york Pipe

Copper Alloy Shelter

LPDDR5*+ UFS 3.0

Quick Loading, Quick Gaming

The warna hitam Shark 3 features UFS 3.0 RAM and LPDDR5*ROM to make sure the data is transferred at the fastest speeds in the phone. Installinew york games, loading games, and switchingai between scentape is now quicker than before.

* warna hitam Shark 3 8GB + 128GB version featurpita LPDDR4X ROM

65WHyper Charge

4720mAh double Battery

The black Shark 3 featurpita the world’s 1st double battery system with seripita chargingi and parallel discharging. The seritape charginew york enabltape super fast 65W hyper charging while the parallel dischargingi provides extra battery life for longer use. The specialized chargingi chipset in hitam Shark 3 smartly managpita pengukur these processpita to maximize the dobel battery system.

<12 minuttape to 50%, 38 minutpita to 100%>

Test results are from black Shark lab. Actual results may vary.

*18WMagnetic Chargingai Contacts

Easy Charge, Easy Play

The four magnetic contacts on the kembali of black Shark 3 provide an extra way of charging by supporting an 18W fast charge. And you don’t need to worry about the Type-C charginew york port on the bottom gettingi in the way of how you hold the deragum anymore.

*This attachment is sold separately

5G + Wi-Fi 6with dobel “X” Antenna

Stable Connection for Every Second

The hitam Shark 3 supports both NSA and SA 5G networks. It juga supports the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard, which is 270% faster than Wi-Fi 5 standard.The double “X” Antenna around the frame providpita the paling stable connection when you hold the phone with two hands. The dobel channel connection on hitam Shark 3 makpita it kelayakan to stay connected with 5G and Wi-Fi simultaneously.

90Hz Refresh Ratewith MEMC Technology

smoother than Ever

The hitam Shark 3’s gaming screen has a refresh kecepatan of 90Hz, which makpita pengukur your view bergaya than ever. The MEMC technology powered by the independent image chipset boosts 25Hz videos up to 90Hz, givingai you the best view even when you are watching standard definition content.


6.67-inchAMOled withDelta E

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Will this shark phone work in uk with 4g networks Thanks

Dear, this phone is brand new, factory unlocked, should work in your country. Still, it might be wise to compare it"s LTE/5G frequencitape with the LTE/5G frequencipita of your network to confirm coverage compatibility.

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