jakarta - The stimulus in the membentuk of free electricity tokepejarakan for the periode March 2021 can be enjoyed by customers of PT PLN (Persero) in the 450 volt-ampere (VA) and 900 VA subsidies as well as 450 VA power business and industrial customers. The free electricity tokemenjadi will expire this month.

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As is known, the governobat-obatan has decided to extend the titik of providingi electricity fee relief asisten to customers of PT perusahaannya Listrik Negara (PLN) in the subsidized 450 VA and 900VA power household category, as well as the 450 VA power business and industry category only until March 2021.

Director of Commerce and Customer Management, Bob Saril, said that the extension of the electricity tagihan subsidy program was the government"s effort to ease the burden on poor and vulnerable groups of orang in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Followinew york up on this governmenpen policy, PLN is ready to continue and succeed in the distribution of this free electricity stimulus. All customers who are eligible for tagihan exemptiomenjadi or discounts have been entered into the system sejak the previous COVID-19 stimulus was given.

The following is a list of customer groups who get relief and the duration of time:

1. The 450 VA household class, free of charge or token, is given from December 2020 to March 2021 account.

2. The subsidized 900 VA household group will be given a discount of 50 percent on bills or tokepagi from December 2020 to March 2021.

In addition to subsidized 450 and 900 VA customers, the governmenpen has juga expanded electricity billingai incentivtape for the social, business, and industrial segments. Business and industrial customers of 450 VA power will be provided a 100 percent electricity bill.

just lisetelah before, for postpaid customers, this membantu will be directly included in the bill of each customer, ketika for prepaid customers or those using the token system, the amount of assistance provided is the same as to tolong in 2020.

You can obtain a COVID-19 stimulus electricity token via the website by:

1. Open the address www.pln.co.id then selects the Stimulus COVID-19 menu (Free/Discount Tokens).

2. Enter Customer ID / Meter Number.

3. Kemudian the Free Token will be displayed on the screen.

4. Customers only need to enter the Free Token into the meter by the Customer ID.

PLN juga ustape the WhatsApp serragum to mausai it easier for customers to get electricity tokepejarakan by:

1. Open the WhatsApp application.

2. Chat WhatsApp to 08122-123-123, follow the instructions, one of which is to enter the Customer ID.

3. A free token will appear.

4. Customers only need to enter the Free Token into the meter by the Customer ID.

Apart from goinew york through the PLN website and WhatsApp service, stimulus tokepejarakan can also be obtained through the PLN Mobile application by:

1. Open the PLN Mobile Application.

2. Click "PLN Cares for COVID-19" in the Info & Promos section.

3. Enter Customer ID / Meter Number.

4. A free token will appear.

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5. Customers only need to enter the Free Token into the meter by the Customer ID.

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