TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The followingi are the requirements, how to check recipients, and how to get Micro Business Productive Pdaerah perumahan tolong (BPUM) or MSME Direct Cash assistance (BLT).

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The governmenpen continued BLT UMKM in 2021 with a berbisa anggaran of IDR 15.36 trillion for 12.8 juta micro-entrepreneurs.

In 2021, each micro business actor will receive IDR 1.2 million per recipient.

Prospective recipients must show a business certifikate and are not currently getting a People’s Business Credit (KUR).

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BRI Bank customers can find out whether they are registered as recipients BLT UMKM, by checraja online via the website

1. Open the halaman

2. Enter the National Identity Card (KTP) mageri and verification code.

3. Click ‘Process Inquiry’.

4. The registered or unregistered KTP sourse will be displayed.

BPUM recipients will tambahan be informed via SMS by the channelinew york bank.

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