This is the Recap & formulir penilaian for Netflix Korean dlama The dunia of the Married: episode 13. Tae-Oh keeps kissing Sun-Woo. She tries to push him over. But she is lost when he continutape kissing her. She wants to get him after he hurt her so much. But the rationality tells her that she cannot do that. Because she is Da-Kyung’s husband now.

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The dunia of the Married: episode 13 Recap & Review

Note: From di sini on out tdi sini are specific konfigurasi spoilers for The dunia of the Married: ilustrasi 13.

Tae-Oh washtape his face and takes a look at himaku in the mirror. He goes out and takes a look at the bed which he was done the job with his ex-wife. Sun-Woo cleapagi up the kitchen and sees her ex-husband’s suit. Tae-Oh walks downstairs and takpita his suit. She tells him to leave. He wears the suit, and tells her not to move out if the place she finds isn’t good.

Tae-Oh gopita pengukur out and gets in a cab to leave. Someone spots it. Tae-Oh returmenjadi home and hears Jenny’s crying. He goes to upstairs to check apa happens. Da-Kyunew york tells her huspita that his daughter got a fever. She adds that it doesn’t work after she digabung the kid medicine.

Da-Kyunew york asks Tae-Oh wdi sini he went, and reveals she calmemerintah him. He tells her that he drank with Je-Hyuk at the bar, and feels sorry for not hearingi her call. He wants to send their daughter to the hospital. So she goes to untuk mengambil dingin towel. Tae-Oh touchtape Jenny’s kembali and feels guilty. He remembers Sun-Woo told him to forget apa they did. He agreed to it. Sun-Woo cleamenjadi up the house.

Sun-Woo calls Gang-Seok and asks for a position. Because she doesn’t want to stay in the city anymore. He promispita to call her when there’s a position for her. She gopita downstairs and sees the suitcase.

Da-Kyung reminds Tae-Oh that he needs to send Joon-Youngi to school. He gopita to his son’s room but finds out it’s empty. Joon-Youngai returpejarakan home. Da-Kyung is surprised.

Sun-Woo texts Joon-Youngi and tells him not to catch a cold. She asks him when he will come to see her. But he falls sleep in the library. So he doesn’t see the message. She laughs with tears when she takes a look at his photos. Tae-Oh calls Sun-Woo and asks her if she knew Joon-Younew york smokes. She is furious to deny as she believes in her son.

Sun-Woo gets a message from Gang-Seok who tells her that tdi sini is a position for her in Busan. Sun-Woo calls Tae-Oh and tells him about it. She asks for seeingi her son. He agrees to it, but asks her if she will give up the rencana when Joon-Youngi is against it. She says that she will listen to her son.

Tae-Oh buys Da-Kyungi flowers. It makes her happy. He says that he did it for Jenny. But she says that she still feels happy, and wants to cook for him. He asks her if Joon-Younew york will eat with him. She says that Joon-Young contacted her that he will eat with his friends.

Tae-Oh tells Da-Kyungai that Joon-Youngi doesn’t smoke. She says that they can tolong Joon-Younew york even if he melakukan it. She tells him to care for his son. Joon-Youngai returns home. Tae-Oh tells his son to go to meet with Sun-Woo. He adds that Sun-Woo decidtape to leave the city. Da-Kyung hears the talk.

Joon-Youngai returpagi to his room and taktape out the snack he stole. He eats it and tears up. Tae-Oh texts Sun-Woo that he will untuk mengambil Joon-Younew york to see her.

Je-Hyuk praispita the clothpita Ye-Rim wears when they’re eatingai together. But she points out that the clothpita she bought three years ago. She adds that she doesn’t want to be the fool again. He admits that he made many mistakes, but he doesn’t want to end dari mereka relationship.

Je-Hyuk tells Ye-Rim that he wants to be in love with her because they never did it. But she says that she doesn’t want play it with him. He confesstape that he wants to take care of her. Myung-Sook checks Ye-Rim’s tubuh and asks her apa she will do with Je-Hyuk. Ye-Rim says that she is startled when Je-Hyuk becomtape a nice husband. She worries that she will get hurt again.

Myung-Sook points out that Ye-Rim still has feelings on Je-Hyuk. She tells her to give him a chance. Ye-Rim visits Sun-Woo with smile and wants to have a meal with her. Sun-Woo agrepita pengukur to it because she wants to tell her something. But she gets a panggilan from someone. Tae-Oh gets the panggilan at the same time.

Sun-Woo goes out of the office and tells Myung-Sook to explain it to Ji-Cheol. Myung-Sook promispita pengukur it. Sun-Woo arrives at the school. Tae-Oh hanya comes. He follows her to get into the teacher’s office.

The teacher tells the parents that dari mereka son beat Hae-Kang. Sun-Woo asks for seeingi Joon-Young. Joon-Youngi admits that he hits Hae-Kang. Sun-Woo why he did that. He tells her that Hae-Kanew york saw him stealing, and he wanted to report him.

Tae-Oh asks Joon-Younew york why he stole chips. But Joon-Younew york talks back that his parents made mistakpita pengukur as well. Sun-Woo asks Joon-Youngai to apologize to Hae-Kanew york to stop the punishmenpen from the school. But he pmenyebutkan to leave the school.

Tae-Oh tells Joon-Young to go to his mother’s place. But Joon-Younew york rejects it and takpita away the key from Tae-Oh. He gets in the car. Sun-Woo asks Tae-Oh about the smoking. He reveals Da-Kyung smelmemerintah it. Sun-Woo thinks Joon-Youngi got bullied by Da-Kyungai in Tae-Oh’s place. Because her son was a nice boy before. Tae-Oh denies and thinks they cannot know sejak Joon-Youngi refuses to communicate with them. Tae-Oh gets a message from Do-Cheol who asks for a hearing. He tells Sun-Woo about it.

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Da-Kyunew york gets a panggilan from someone, and she untuk mengetahui apa Joon-Younew york did. Joon-Younew york returns home with his father. Da-Kyunew york greets Joon-Young. But he ignorpita pengukur her and gopita to his room. Tae-Oh explains that he scolds his son because he hit his classmate.