Quick Recap h2 p div style="text-align: center" div The Latin origin sect solid ways "cut." This Latin origin is words beginning of an excellent variety of English vocabulary words, consisting of in sect , dis sect , as well as inter sect solid The origin sect solid is quickly remembered through words sect ion, for a sect ion is a "cut"-off item of a bigger whole. p From magyaroldalak.net h2 p Words active ingredient Memlet, revealed listed below, is among several manner ins which a word is instructed in magyaroldalak.net.See an instance word web page » & raquo; td sect td & rarr; td cut tr -or & rarr; td state tr A market em of a culture belongs that is"reduced "from the entire. br h2 Explore Words with Sect! h2 p The Latin origin word sect methods "cut. "Today we will certainly"reduce "right to the chase keeping that solid sect ion of English vocabulary stemmed from sect & #x 000A; Words"in sect stemmed from sect since it is an animal"cut"right into 3 components: the head, the thorax, and also the abdominal area. For this reason, in sect solid s have 3 seg ments or "cuttings. "It is very easy to listen to why we claim" seg ment "rather than" sec ment; "note that the letters"c" as well as"g"are compatible according to Grimm's Legislation. As well as take into consideration the silly appearing" solid sec solid mentation"vs." solid seg solid mentation," or the act of"reducing "right into items. p & #x 000A; Mathematics educates pupils that a line can not just have seg ments or "cuttings"of a particular size from it, however lines can likewise be bi sect solid ed or" reduced"right into 2 precise fifty percents by an additional line. One line can additionally inter sect solid one more line,"reducing"in between its size. As well as certainly there are inter sect solid ions in highways where one roadway"cuts"in between as well as with an additional, collaborating at an usual factor. In trigonometry the idea of sec ant is shown, which is a straight line that "cuts "throughout a contour at 2 or even more factors. p & #x 000A; Going on to biology, in some cases starting biology courses will certainly have trainees do a dis solid sect ion, or the"reducing"apart of a managed pet such as a frog or worm to evaluate its makeup. Doctors do all type of"reducing "right into bodies throughout surgical treatment, an instance of which is vene sect ion or the"reducing"right into a blood vessel, or else called phlebotomy. & #x 000A; p We have currently dis sect ed or"reduced"apart those words with solid sect solid in them, therefore will currently"reduce"off this sect ion of our research of Latin as well as greek origins! p & #x 000A; & #x 000A; insect : animal"cut"right into 3 components & #x 000A; sector solid: a"cut "item & #x 000A; division : a"reducing"right into tiny items & #x 000A; bisect :"cut"specifically in 2 & #x 000A; converge : to"reduce "in between & #x 000A; crossway solid: a"reducing"in between & #x 000A; solid secant solid: a straight line that"cuts"throughout a contour at 2 or even more factors & #x 000A; breakdown : act of" reducing" apart & #x 000A; venesection solid: at of" reducing "right into a capillary & #x 000A; studied solid: "cut" apart & #x 000A; area solid: a "cut - "off component of an entire & #x 000A;