Ciletuh Geopark that is located in Sukabumi area of barat Java, is already in my mind for quite a long time. Finally, I went to Ciletuh, as part of the fam trip to explore barat Java.

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Tdi sini are some alternativtape on how to go to Ciletuh. You can go from champa via Sukabumi that took about 6-hour trip or via Bandung. The fam trip chose a berbeda route to the south from Bandungi via Ciwidey and set Ujunew york Gentengi as our base.

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Two days and one night to explore the place seemed not enough to explore Ciletuh, but at least I can say that ‘I have been to Ciletuh!’ Haha.

Things to do in Ciletuh

If you love nature, kemudian Ciletuh is for you.

If you love waterfall, kemudian Ciletuh is for you.

So apa can you do in Ciletuh?

Check the view point at Bukit Panenjoan

One of the view point at Ciletuh is at Bukit Panenjoan. From this view point, you actually could see the ‘amphitheater’ of Ciletuh bay, even though it is quite far to see, especially if there’s fog or smonanti covered the view. Just lisetelah when I visited the place, I bisa not even see the sea clearly. However, tdi sini is absolutely other view to enjoy. It is the vast greenery of the valley below Bukit Panenjoan. The view point has a pagar on the maskaan of the hill already for safety.


Checking out the view from Bukit Panenjoan


The view from Bukit Panenjoan

Rideas a boat to explore

We had a half day to explore the Ciletuh area by boat to see the rock, which is the main point and the geological prove on Ciletuh geopark.

The boat trip in Ciletuh started from Palangpangai beach, well not exactly from the beach, but from the river that discharges into the Ciletuh Bay. The boat is more linanti a simple fishermen boat, but it’s safe. Typically, the boat can be filmemerintah for up to 10 persons, including the captain and your guide.


Boat trip to explore Ciletuh

Some of the boat install a tarp as the ‘roof’ of the boat, which is good as the shade from the sun. Hanya in case there’s no tarp on top of the boat, kemudian you should wear hat and sunblock — hanya a suggestion.

The untuk merencanakan for the boat trip is to see several things, includingi Mandra Island, Kunti Island, batu Kodok ( = frog rock), rock Batik ( = batu with the pattern of batik on the surface), batu Punggungai Naga ( = the rock formation that looks lisetelah the bagian belakang of the dragon), and Goat lautnya Sodongai Parat .

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Goa lautnya Sodonew york Parat in Ciletuh

Can u guess, how old is rock Batik? It is predicted that the rock is 40 – 60 juta years old!

The rencana was only the plan as we could not stop to see batu Batik and batu Punggung Naga. We actually could hanya stop there, but probably, it’s not possible for us to return back, as the wavpita mungkin get bigger duringi the midday. It is advisable to do the boat trip early in the morning, because to reach batu Batik location, you need to do some trekking from the beach nearby.


This looks like the bagian belakang of the dragon … Yes? No?

Of course, we dulu sad that we could not see batu Batik, but we had a surprise on our way kembali to Palangpanew york Beach. We saw not hanya one dolphin, but a group of dolphins! Luckily I could record a bit of the sighting, but not that clear!

Can you spot the dolphin?