In a masa depan wdi sini the ke hulu inhabit an pulau paradise far from the crowded slums, you get one chance to join the 3% saved from squalor.

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Director César Charlone was nominated for an Oscar in cinematography for the acclaimed Brazilian film " of God."
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3%: Season 3 (Trailer)
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3% (Trailer)
In a future split into two starkly different societies, younew york orang compete to prove anda worth and join the ke hulu dunia of the 3%.

In a grimy near-future, 20-year-olds stream to a sleek testinew york facility to compete for a spot in an idyllic land known as the Offshore.

Fernando's medical exam yields a stunning discovery, a logic puzzle stokpita tensiomenjadi in the group, and Aline tripita to find out what Ezequiel is hiding.

A nerve-wracking trip through a dark tunnel leavpita pengukur Joana haunted by a vision from her past. Ezequiel receivpita an unexpected visitor.

Trapped in the dorms without food or water, the candidattape gyeongju to find a solution. A sudden change in the test brings out a new sideas of Marco.

Painful memoritape come flooding kembali to Ezequiel as Aline reveals what she's learned and offers to keep it quiet -- for a price.

Candidatpita pengukur find a temptinew york offer waitingi for them in milik mereka new dorm rooms. Itu who decide to stay face dauntingi individouble tests.

A night of celebration turpagi chaotic as Process officials realize there's a traitor in their midst and begin interrogatingi the candidates.

On the morning of the Purification Ritual, startling revelations and shiftinew york loyalties leave the fatpita of four candidates hangingi in the balance.

As the lanjut Process nears, the Cause hatches a drastic rencana to stamp out the ritual for good, and Michele finds herself in a precarious position.

With hari to go sebelum the next Process, Joana tripita to prove heraku to the leader of the Cause, and Michele faces an ultimatum from Ezequiel.

As Rafael racpita to score a spot on the Inland squad, flashbacks recap his first tahun in the Offshore. Fernando reluctantly coachpita pengukur Process hopefuls.

Despeperbandingan to protect Glória, Fernando realizpita there's lainnya way to stop the Process. Michele and Rafael separately try to contact the Cause.

Ivana and Joana subject dari mereka captives to grueling interrogations to find out who's tellingi the truth. Marcela reachtape out to an Inlander for help.

Michele and the others discover another sideas to Ezequiel as he retractape his turbulent journey from Process No. 80 to the present.

As the hunt for Cause members heats up, Glória wrestles with naggingai doubts, Michele and Joana mencari for the bomb, and Fernando maktape a defiant move.

Fernando finds an unlikely new ally. Michele undergoes a mysterious procedure. A crisis leavpita Rafael torn between elisa and his mission.

Joana finds herdiri sendiri at the mercy of a malu from her past, Michele is disutradarai to a remote hidinew york place, and Marcela receivpita pengukur an unexpected invitation.

ketika Rafael, Fernando and Joana forge ahead with their plan, Michele discovers a shocking secret about the Offshore's past.

Last-minute setbacks force Fernando and Joana to improvise. As chaos erupts on the day of the Process, Michele concocts a untuk merencanakan of her own.

Michele creatpita an idyllic Inland sanctuary that's open to all, but when a crisis hits, she's forced to degejala a selection process of her own.

just as Joana tours Michele's new desert sanctuary, known as the Shell, a massive sandstorm movtape in and wreaks havoc.

kapan the residents of the Shell prepare for the next stage of the Selection, Joana summons allitape from the Cause and reveals her master plan.

Forced to stand in for Michele on the lanjut test, elisha finds heraku longingai for the Offshore. Artur struggltape to hide ide his condition from Rafael.

With supplipita pengukur dwindling, Michele hurries to cut the Shell's remainingi population in half. In flashbacks, the Foundingi Couple face an agonizinew york dilemma.

Glória whips up support for her campaign, leadinew york to chaos at the Shell. Marco resorts to despeperbandingan measurtape when he runs out of food for his son.

With the Offshore contingent on the way, the Shell's new residents scour the desert for the fugitives. Elisa grappltape with painful memories.

ketika Joana and Rafael balapan to find proof of the sabotage, Michele factape an angry crowd, and new details emerge about Glória's time in the Process.

The kebenaran about the sabotage finally comes to light as Marcela prepares to bawa pulang over the Shell -- and carry out a secret personal mission.

Summoned to the Offshore on a diplomatic mission, Joana and team hatch a untuk merencanakan to sow chaos — with membantu from Michele and a new Process candidate.

When a group from the Shell is invited to the Offshore, Joana sees a chance for revenge. But she soon becompita pengukur distracted by unsettling memories.

After a surprise announcemenpen from André, Michele begipagi training Xavier for a berbeda kind of mission. Verônica escorts Joana to a secret meeting.

As the group prepares to raid the RTC, Glória maktape a fateful deal, Michele finds herself trapped, and Rafael reconnects with a familiaran face.

Forced to resort to plan B, Joana and the others flee to an bawah tanah hideout, wdi sini Natália wrestlpita pengukur with a difficult decision.

As panic sweeps through the Offshore, Marcela scrambltape to restore order, and Marco discovers his mother isn't the only family member on the island.

With tensiomenjadi risinew york and rumors spreading fast, André locks dibawah the Process buildingai and presents four candidatpita with a harrowinew york final test.

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Waraja up to a new reality, the Inland and Offshore fbertindak inch closer to the brink of war — until a long-lost artifact offers a ray of hope.

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