Do you enjoy hats? Or has a person recommended that you explore a hat throughout chemo since it looks so fashionable? Go all out! Hats are right back in vogue as well as they offer your appearance a genuine dashboard of design. However keep in mind that a woollen or really felt wintertime hat could really feel scratchy versus your scalp. On warm summer season days, your delicate skin may quickly obtain aggravated under your charming straw seafarer. However that’& rsquo; s simple to deal with: put on a light cap or headscarf below!


Chemo rest caps: very discreet as well as soft

Yes, that’& rsquo; s right: you can use your chemo rest cap under your hat throughout the day also. Your delicate scalp can certainly utilize an additional layer of convenience throughout chemo, in a neutral or enjoyable colour or print. The important things is that regular hats are not created to be used straight versus the scalp. They typically have a band, bow or sewing on the within that might aggravate your skin. The product itself can additionally make your skin really feel scratchy: woollen or really felt for winter months hats, or the straw or paper made use of for sunhats in summer season. Because situation, our chemo hats with a soft surface come directly to the rescue!

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A chemo turban with a knot at the neck of your neck: exactly on pattern

Fulfill the lightest chemo head headscarf in our collection: Audrey. A feather-light turban linked at the neck with a couple of easy knots. Ended up without rough sewing or flexible, in a ventilated as well as light cotton mix. The excellent head cover to use under your stylish straw seafarer or super-feminine panama hat this summertime. Put on the knot reduced as well as good at the neck of your neck, since an additional area of textile at the back ensures this chemo head cover adequately covers your hairline. Covers that rest expensive on your neck will certainly leave your neck exposed, which is not a great appearance as well as might make you really feel much less positive. Simply leave both brief connections looking out from under your hat, to develop a trendy, womanly touch Offered in strong colours as well as a choice of fashionable, vibrant prints.