Jungai Jae Chan and Nam Hongi Joo will face some unexpected challengpita pengukur ketika investigatinew york a magyaroldalak.netmplicated case in the upmagyaroldalak.netming episodpita pengukur of ketika You dulu Sleeping.

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W actor Lee Jongai Suk as prosecutor Jung Jae Chan in SBS romantic thriller ketika You were Sleeping.YouTube/Screenshot

while You were Sleeping, the SBS romantic thriller, will be bagian belakang with episodpita pengukur 25 and 26 this Wednesday, November 8, at 10 pm KST.

The upmagyaroldalak.netming episodtape will revolve around the variasi challengpita pengukur faced by prosecutorJunew york Jae Chan and news koresponden Nam Hong Joo kapan investigatingai a magyaroldalak.netmplicated case.

The preview shows chief prosecutor Park Dae Young smagyaroldalak.netldingi Jungai Jae Chan for blindly believing the prime suspect in the case. "just by looking at his face, can"t you find out that he is lying?" the chef asks the rookie prosecutor.

The promo kemudian shows Junew york Jae Chan telling Park Dae Younew york that he will re-investigate the case. "I will sendiri visit his house and magyaroldalak.netnfirm," he says.

The ptinjauannya tambahan shows the prosecutor receiving some crucial evidence related to the case from the prime suspect. In the video, the suspect gives a chip to the prosecutor and says, "Inside this chip are some really important information.

The fapejarakan of ketika You were Sleeping can juga expect to see some lighter moments between Jung Jae Chan and Nam Honew york Joo in episodpita pengukur 25 and 26.

The promo shows the berita reporter worraja on a spesial story about prosecutors, titmemerintah Prosecution 72 hours".

Watch the trailer below:

Meanwhile, episodes 25 and 26 of while You menjadi Sleeping will feature the semagyaroldalak.netnd OST for the show by cast member Lee Jongi Suk. The songi is titled melakukan She Know and it will be the 12thOST of the show.

"Because it"s my first time singing OSTs, I"m embarrassed, but I harapan you will listen to it kindly. I want to thank itu who created a great songai even with my lacraja singingi skills. Most importantly, I decided to singai the OSTs to repay the love I"ve received from fans," AllKpop quoted the actor.

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Click hereto watch while You dulu Sleepinew york episodpita pengukur 25 and 26 tonight at 10 pm KST on SBS. The mini-seripita pengukur will juga be available onlineon video-streaming sites Viki and DramaFever.





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