Hey you guys! Our dear Kmuse isn’t feelingai well, so I, the intrepid Maknae, have taken over this week’s ketika You dulu Sleepingai recaps. Mwahahahaha!


ALSO, I noticed somethinew york in my last post. You know that picture of Jae Chan threateningai his brother with “Wolverine” and I said something about sibling torture? That whole cerita arc is a contrast in sibling relationships! There’s the fun-loving, caringi one between Jae Chan and Seunew york Won, and the deadly one between Kang Dae Hee and his brother. Can we hanya say excellent writing? Because, seriously, that is some excellent writing. I applaud the writer.


All righty. On to this week: We left off in a bloody cliffhanger last week, at least wdi sini Woo Tak was involved. As he is one of my favorite sideas characters of all time, I was justifiably concerned. 


That’s not where the episode opens, though. Instead we see, through flashback, Jae Chan entrustingi Woo Tak with vital information to keep Hong Joo safe. I’m so happy to see a solid friendship developingi between these two.

Next, we see Jae Chan doingi his best to subdue Dae Hee kapan he’s waitingi for tolong to arrive. And can I just say that Investigator Choi continupita pengukur to improve upon acquaintance? The flyinew york kick he delivers right to Dae Hee’s leg was a thingai of beauty. Anyway, Jae Chan gopita to comfort Hongi Joo, who finally recovers heraku enough to ask the pertanyaan that is on all our minds: How is Woo Tak? Thanks to the quick tindakan of his colleagues, Woo Tak had pressure applied to his wound (as opposed to someone sharaja him and tellingai him to wausai up. Hello, kdrama pet peeve) and he was rushed to the hospital. He survives. YAY!

Justice is served!


Dae Hee winds up in prison, which is no surprise to anyone but himself, and he angrily persyaratan to see Yu Beom, who seems to be refusingai his calls. Elsewhere, Jae Chan gets accoladpita at the office ketika Woo Tak is recovering. The chief prosecutor is impressed that he has physical strength as well as brains, which is a nice change from his earlier opinion. And Jae Chan humbly acknowledges that he was not the only one to ambil down Dae Hee, but that Investigator Choi was involved. I’m hopingi to see a solid worraja relationship between these two as well. It’s looraja good. As he gets on the elevator, Jae Chan rumenjadi into Yu Beom and learpagi that Yu Beom won’t be defendinew york Dae Hee anymore, since he refuspita pengukur to take losingai cases. When Jae Chan gopita to interview Dae Hee, he inmembentuk Dae Hee of that and Dae Hee lospita what’s left of his mind.

We then get the scene wdi sini Jae Chan is supposed to be sittinew york next to Hongai Joo, listening to her report of the Dae Hee case on the television. Instead, he’s sharingai the couch with his brother and mourning his missed opportunity. (I may have snickered.)

Pretty setting, ugly crying.


The lanjut morning, the chief prosecutor assemblpita pengukur the senior prosecutors to watch him gua a picture on the dinding that says, “Give credit to others and blame yourself.” He kemudian passively aggressively blampita pengukur himself for not seeinew york the weaknesspita in his senior prosecutors that led to the Dae Hee kerfluffle. This starts some bickerinew york amongolia the seniors, who all feel guilty about Woo Tak’s stabbing, as do Honew york Joo and Jae Chan. They all have milik mereka own cara of dealinew york with it, which includtape Hongi Joo crying her eypita pengukur out in the park and Jae Chan providingi the tissues. He shares some words of comfort about not cryingi over spilled milk, but slowly fillingi the empty glass again. It’s a beautiful piece, but Hongai Joo correctly calls him on it, saying they’re not his words. He ruefully agrees, and we get a flashback to the youngai Jae Chan beingai comforted by one of his father’s co-workers after he confessed about manipulatingai his report card. The co-worker shared those words, and Jae Chan apparently tidak pernah forgot them.

Evil music can make anyone into a killer.

kemudian we have our cut to our lanjut episode (by SBS’ standards). An internet technician is checraja the cabltape in an apartment, beingai watched over a woman who tangan kedua to be an Olympic archery champion. He gets the job done and asks for a good review, and the housekeeper talks him into taraja out the trash kapan he’s there.

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