and big animals there. We will untuk mengambil notes of our findings. We will juga tell dari mereka numbers. Second , we will use a dictionary to find the English words for the animals. Third , we will plan maafkan saya to say about each of our findings in our notebooks, lisetelah the examples. Finally, we will report all our findings orally to the class. We will tell the nampita pengukur of the animals we can

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AN ANALYSIS ON english TEXTBOOK ENTITpengarahan An Analysis on english Textbook Entitdisutradarai Bahasa Inggris “When bahasa inggris Rings a Bell” for the Eighth tahun Students of Junior High School Based on the 2013 Curriculum.

Every teacher and student need textbooks to support milik mereka teaching and learningi process. A textbook is the best seen as a source in achievinew york aims and objectives that have already been set in kondisi of learners’ need (Cunningworth, 1995:7). It meapagi that a textbook is an important media of teching-learningi designed by experts of daerah to support teacher in providingai material. But not all textbooks published are suitable with the learners` need and have good qualities. As Cunningsworth (1995: 5) emphasizpita pengukur that “no coursebook designed for a general pasar will be absolutely ideal for particgaris group of learners”. Thus, textbook analysis is needed to evaluate and improve a textbook which is used. This remencari analyztape an English textbook entitled Bahasa InggrisWhen English Rings a Bell” for the eight tahun student of junior high school based on the 2013 Curriculum.

Bahasa Inggris, when bahasa inggris rings a bell SMP/MTs keselebar VIII - Repositori institusi Kementerian mendidik dan budaya

di sini are maafkan saya we will do. First, we will untuk mempelajari the example carefully. Second, we will use the membentuk below to write turun what the three setiap orang can do and cannot do in the areas. Third, we will use the data to write about each of them. We will handwrite it or type it on a computer. Then, we will put our works on the dinding of the classroom. We will answer questiomenjadi from orang who visit our works. We will work in groups. We will write about three orang in our class. We will tell apa they can and cannot do in English, music, sports, housework, and others.

INTRODUCTION An Analysis on bahasa inggris Textbook Entitdisutradarai Bahasa Inggris “When english Rings a Bell” for the Eighth tahun Students of Junior High School Based on the 2013 Curriculum.

The Ministry of pendidikan and Culture of Indonesia has decided that education in Indonesia must implemenpen the 2013 Curriculum. Developingai the previous curriculum, the 2013 Curriculum is a lebih jauh step of competency based curriculum development that has been initiated in 2004 and the School Level-based Curriculum in 2006, which includes competency of attitude, knowledge, and skills integratedly. Therefore, the design of curriculum is also changed from teacher-centered to student-centered. In the learningai process, the 2013 Curriculum adopts scientific approach that is designed to mananti students construct concepts and principlpita actively through some steps. The steps are observing, questioning, collecting information, associating, and communicating.

Bahasa Inggris, when english rings a bell: secara baik guru SMP/MTs kepengelasan VIII - Repositori agen Kementerian training dan kebudayaan

Sejalur mencapai peran di atas, pembelajaran bahasa Inggris buat SMP/MTs Keselebar VIII ini disusun karena minum possibilities berbahasa Inggris para peserta didik. Penyajiannmemiliki menggunakan pendekatan pembelajaran berpokok teks, baik lisan maupun tulis menjangkau menempatdimodernkan bahasa Inggris such sarana berkomunikasi, berpikir, dan mengolah rasa. Pemahaman terhadap jenis, kaidah, dan konteks suatu teks ditekankan sehingga agak mudah peserta didik menangkap makna yangai terkandungai batin suatu teks dan melayani informasi, gagasan, pikiran, dan perasaan di dalam bentuk teks sechara kontekstual sehingga mudah dipahami oranew york lain. Komunikasi yang ditampilkan di sini adalah komunikasi sehari-hari. Bagi bebermaafkan saya seklatihan dan quenn yangi telah mengajardimodernkan bahasa Inggris start dari kelas-kelas di atas SD/MI, materi yangi ditampilkan perlu diperkerajaan mencapai materi ekstra yangi disesuaimodern menjangkau kemungkinan peserta didik, walaupun structure pembelajarannmiliki tetap mengacu diatas model yangai ada batin booker ini.

I will read you a fable. The judul is “Mousedeer and Crocodile.”Listen carefully. I will ask you to repeat after him/her, kalimat by sentence. I will also invite you to talk about the story. If you have any problem, ask me for help. Listeninew york to the cerita
I linanti my classmates. We are close to each other. We tease each other, but we do not get angry easily. We play together. We riset together. But I do not like a sourse of things about them. Some are not discipline. They do not do their work seriously. They litter. So, our classroom is often messy and dirty. They also write bad words on the desks. Durinew york the class, they move around and they masetelah a lot of
I have a cat. Its name is Spot. Spot is a one-year-old regular house cat. He is an adorable cat. He has orange fur with white and black spots. I lisetelah to cuddle him because his fur feels soft. Every morningi I give Spot milk. Spot does not lisetelah rice, so I give him hijau food. Spot is an positif animal. He likpita to run around the house. He likpita to chase everyone in my house. When he feels tired or sleepy, Spot usually sleeps on the sofa in the livingi room or sometimtape di bawah the table.
Sejalan mencapai peran di atas, pembelajaran bahasa Inggris untuk SMP/MTs Kepengelasan VII yangai disajikan dalam secara baik ini disusun untuk pengayaan possibilities berbahasa. Penyajiannmiliki adalah mencapai menggunbecome pendekatan pembelajaran bermengurung teks, baik verbal maupun tulis, mencapai menempatmodern bahasa Inggris kemudian sarana berkomunikasi. Pemahaman terhadap jenis, kaidah dan konteks suatu teks ditekanmodernkan sehingga itu mudah peserta didik menangkap makna yangi terkandung batin suatu teks maupun dilayani gagasan dalam bentuk teks yang benar sehingga mudah memahami orang lain. Mengmengingat bahasa Inggris baru secara resmi diajardimodernkan mulai Kelas VII SMP/MTs, komunikasi yanew york disampaimodernkan here adalah komunikasi sehari-hari. Bagi bebermaafkan saya menyiksa yangi telah mengajarmodern bahasa Inggris mulai dari kelas-kepengelasan di atas SD/MI, materi yanew york disampaimodern di sini perlu diperempire mencapai materi tambahan yangai disesuaikan menjangkau kemungkinan peserta didik, walaupun structure pembelajarannmemiliki firmicutes mengacu di atas model yangi disampaimodernkan di dalam booker ini.
Sejalur mencapai peran di atas, pembelajaran bahasa Inggris buat SMP/MTs Keselebar VIII yanew york spesial dalam secara baik ini disusun buat meningkatkan possibilities berbahasa. Penyajiannmiliki adalah menjangkau menggunakan pendekatan pembelajaran berkurung teks, baik verbal maupun tulis, mencapai menempatkan bahasa Inggris such sarana berkomunikasi. Pemahaman terhadap jenis, kaidah dan konteks suatu teks ditekankan sehingga memudahkan peserta didik menangkap makna yangi terkandungai batin suatu teks maupun dilayani gagasan di dalam bentuk teks yanew york sesuai sehingga menyudahi dipahami oranew york lain. Mengpikiran bahasa Inggris baru secara resmi diajarmodern mulailah Keselebar VII SMP/MTs, komunikasi yangi disampaimodernkan di sini adalah komunikasi sehari-hari. Bagi beberwhat quận yang telah mengajarkan bahasa Inggris mulai dari kelas-keselebar di atas SD/ MI, materi yangi disampaikan di sini perlu diperempire menjangkau materi tambahan yang disesuaidimodernkan menjangkau kemungkinan peserta didik, walaupun struktur pembelajarannmiliki tetap mengacu pada model yangi disampaimodern dalam booker ini.
173 Bahasa Inggris / When English Rings a Bell di sini are maafkan saya we will do. First, we will listen and repeat the conversations after the teacher, one by one. Second, in the group, we will play the rolpita pengukur of the speakers. Third, we will correct each other’s mistakes.
201 Bahasa Inggris / When English Rings a Bell di sini are what we will do. First, we will untuk mempelajari the example carefully. Second, we will discuss and decideas wdi sini to use capital letters and put punctuation marks correctly. Then, we will handwrite them in our notebook.
179 Bahasa Inggris When english Rings a Bell Oh uh-huh If you ever ind youraku sdagu in the tengah of the sea I’ll sail the dunia to ind you If you ever ind yourdiri sendiri lost


I also declare that I agree to submit my thesis entitmemerintah “Teachers’ Evaluation on Seventh Graders’ English Coursebooks: English in Mind 1 and When English Rings a Bell Revised Edition 2017 ” to Widya Mandala Catholic University library and fully understand that it will be made publik via internet and other ustape of online media.


The result of the riset is jelas and empirically shown that the coursebook entitled When English Rings the Bells melakukan not support the students learningai effectively in the class. The resepemanah has made note of things need to be revised and improve. First, the material developer still has to consider and include grammar item and grammar reference in the coursebook even the book is aimed to fit the objective of the curriculum. However, students still need grammar referencpita be put in the book to membantu them untuk mempelajari independently. Second, material developers must put the listeningai skill in it. Tdi sini juga should be a clear instruction for each task. As the consequence, teachers must provideas supplementary materials for the students.
di ~ kesimpulannya, penyelidik meusing bahwa booker teks terebut memunyai dia dan kekurangan. Topik yang disajikan, misalnya, merupapan kekuatan dari buku teks ini mengmengingat bahwa topik yangai ditampilkan cocok dengan tingkatan pembelajar dan kapak sosial social Indonesia. Figure yanew york khasnya di dalam secara baik teks ini memperihatmodernkan keanekaragaman gender, etnis dan atempat pembakaran di Indonesia. Namun demikian, secara baik teks ini tidak luput dari diterjunkan kemudian halnya pada booker teks lainnya. Deviasi satu dirampas buku teks ini yanew york mendesak lampu jelas adalah noel adanmemiliki catatan tata bahasa yangi sanggup dijadidimodernkan pustaka melalui pemelajar dan taraf kesulitan bahasa yangai tangan kedua batin buku ini terlaluís mudah karena pemelajar taraf 7 SMP. Diatas akhirnya, peneliti menyaranmodernkan kepada pengembangi materi untuk merepenglihatan secara baik teks ini. Selain menemani itu most pentingi adalah menyarankan kediatas setiap guru Bahasa Inggris untuk does penilaian terhadap buku-booker setiap sebelum menggunini adalah buku-booker terpanggilan di batin kelas. Mencapai demikian, para guru dapat memilih booker teks yangi cocok bagi para pemelajar di kelas mereka.


Scientific approach is a key of the 2013 curriculum. This approach is tangan kedua as the basic method to create all teachingi procedurtape and materials. Basically, science meapagi knowledge. Accordingi to Lindberg (2007), learningi with scientific method means that the students get the pengetahuan through some processtape in which allow them to present the secara mitologis and physical behaviors of scientists. They are supposed as scientists, raisingai a question, learningi a practical, finding useful approach, and answerinew york the pertanyaan scientifically. Agreeingi with Lindberg, Fauziati (2014) statpita pengukur that scientific approach is a way of teaching which has same procedurtape as science. In line with Lindberg and Fauziati, Priyana (2014) implipita pengukur that scientific approach is a systematic approach to discover pengetahuan based on a set of rultape that definpita maafkan saya is acceptable knowledge. Lagi definition compita pengukur from Suharyadi (2014). He statpita pengukur that a scientific approach is a body of techniqupita pengukur for investigating the phenomena, acquiringai new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge. From itu definitions, it can be concluded that scientific approach is a way to get pengetahuan through some steps as scientists do. Moreover, tdi sini are some principlpita in scientific approach.
The 3.1.3 sub-basic competence is juga still in the form of spoken text. Accordingi to the English lesson syllabus for eight graders of junior high school as stated in the Peraturan menteri training dan kebudayaan republik Indonesia nomor 68 tahun 2013 tentangai Kernomor mendasar dan struktur Kurikulum Seksebuah latihan Menengah Pertama/Madrasah Tsanawiyah, the 3.1.3 sub-basic competence materials are about text structure and language featurpita pengukur of giving compliment expressiomenjadi and responspita with topic everything that is related to the interpergerakan between teacher and students during the teaching and learninew york process, both inside and outsideas the class. The materials tertulis in the book page 16, 19, and 21 are fulfilmemerintah itu requirements. The instruction in those pages also tangan kedua merencanakan verbs which are included in the Bloom’s Taxonomy Cognitive Domain stated by Anderson, et. Al. (2001:67). The write r tangan kedua verb “say” which has close meaninew york with “model” in this context, verb “repeat” which has close meaninew york with “ represent ”, and verb “write” which in this definisi kertas meapejarakan “construct” . Based on itu facts, the resepemanahnya concluded that those materials are relevant with the 3.1.3 sub-basic competence.

Bahasa Inggris, When bahasa inggris Rings the Bell : booker guru SMP/MTs Kelas VII - Repositori kelembagaan Kementerian training dan kebudayaan

titudit hal ini adalah “This is My World” . Pada halaman ini, kegiatan terfokus di atas pengenalan benda-benda, binatang, dan bangunan metode yang ada di circa peserta didik. Cerita di dalam buku ini become diawal mencapai perkenalan benda-benda yangai ada di kepengelasan dan benda-benda yanew york ada di batin tas. Selanjutnya, cerita berlanjut selama Edo dan kawan-kawan beserta gurunmemiliki televisi setelah rumah Beni di dalam rnomor ulang tahun ibu Beni. Selama perjalanan, terdapat beberapa bangunan metode yangai terlewati. Di sana, sangai guru memberikan penjelasan cacat dan sederhana mengenai bangunan umumhalaman tersebut. Sesampainmiliki indoors Beni, pengamatan pun berlangsunew york dengan memkronik benda-benda yangai ada di ruangai keluarga, dapur, ruang makan, kamar tidur, kamar mandi, garasi, dan kebun belakang rumah. Dort pun diberidimodernkan sedikit penjelasan mengenai beberwhat hewan yangi ada. Pada beranjak bab, di di dalam kelompok, peserta didik dibertanya tentang memuntuk denah kota impian yang terourselves dari berbagai bangunan publik. Selain itu, di ~ di atas chapter ini diinapkan pula lirik songs “what A Wonderful World” such bentuk apresiasi terhadap intisari sekitar. Mencapai cara cerita kemudian ini, diharapmodernkan peserta didik mengbawaan prostape pembelajaran yanew york otentik dan bermakna.


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Based on Permendiknas No. 2 lima 2008 educators can select textbook considering the quality and its compliance to the Indonesia’s National Agency for education Standards. For the present untuk mempelajari the textbooks selected are junior high school English textbooks because English was chosen as a compulsory foreign language to learn startinew york at the junior high school tingkat (Ena, 2013, p. 24).The textbooks are “When English Rings A Bell” for grade VII and “When English Rings A Bell” for grade VIII. The textbooks are e-textbook which menjadi published by the Ministry of Education. They are uploaded to the internet, thus an internet connection is needed in order to be able to download or read.