WhatsApp Web doesn’t support voice and video call yet, but there are cara you can talk to your WhatsApp contacts from PC/ laptop. One is through the dedicated WhatsApp app for desktop, kapan the other is Android emulators. They both work linanti ckerusakan and avoid the trouble of reachingi out for the smartphone every time WhatsApp rang. Lainnya good thingai about these WhatsApp suara and video panggilan methods for PCs is that they are compatible with both Windows PCs and Macs. You can tambahan read, write, send, and receive messages and medialah filpita usingai the WhatsApp calls on PC methods. Read on to find out how to mananti WhatsApp voice and video calls from Windows laptop and Mac.

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Maraja video calls to WhatsApp contacts usingai the desktop app is pretty much the same as making suara calls.After loggingai into the WhatsApp desktop app, go to the chat and select the video call iconAllow the computer to access the webcam and microphoneYour panggilan will be placed

Remember you can only panggilan one WhatsApp contact at a time. A kecil window, indicating the panggilan status, will pop-up on your screen. You can drag around the window anywdi sini on the screen and use its optiopejarakan to disconnect the call, switch a panggilan from video to voice or vice versa, and adhanya settings. The chat feature will remain aktif even when you’re on call.

To recall, the group suara and video panggilan feature via the WhatsApp desktop app isn’t available yet. It doesn’t matter whether your mobile number has an positif rencana or not. As longi as both your phone and desktop are connected to aktif internet, you’ll be able to make/ receive WhatsApp voice and video calls usingi a Windows laptop or PC and Apple’s mac.

Android emulator

Android emulator is another alat that you can use for WhatsApp calls from the desktop. Unlike the WhatsApp desktop app, you can tambahan do group suara chats usingi this tool. In fact, Android emulators offer the same WhatsApp experience that you get on the mobile app. Not sure which Android emulator to use? Click di sini to find out. The only drawback of this alat is that the masyarakat messagingi doesn’t have multi-dekeburukan support just yet. So you’ll be logged out from the smartphone as soon as you log in to WhatsApp on the desktop using the emulator.

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In the process, you may tambahan lose some data. If you’re ok with that,