iOS WhatsApp For Android– Get Best and 100% Worraja WhatsApp iOS Mod For Android.

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Hello, Friends, My Name is “Sumer” and Today in this post I tell you the best way to Install iOS WhatsApp in Your Android Phone. So Lets See.


Whatsapp is the best messagingappinning Today’s time. Every smartphone user uspita pengukur WhatsApp to send quick messagpita pengukur and videos or photos.

Whatsapp is a free and easy messaging serkeburukan at this time. Whatsapp providpita pengukur you a lot of free featurtape to use. Lisetelah – Video Calling, Audio Calling,statusnya Sender, Videos Sender, Audio Sender, Photos Sender, PDF Sender, and more typpita of features.

And currently, Whatsapp Working On Instant Payment Send services lisetelah Phonepe and Google Pay. So this feature is coming soon in WhatsApp.

iOS WhatsApp is more batter kemudian android WhatsApp, it’s valid. You get so many featurpita pengukur in iOS Whatsapp that you never see in Android Whatsapp App.

But it is mungkin to get iOS Whatsapp’s All features in your android phone.

apa is iOS WhatsApp Mod?

iOS WhatsApp Mod is a Modded version of resmi iOS Whatsapp for android. This is not comaaf from any resmi source. This Mod is Modded by Third-party developers.

You get all featurpita of official iOS Whatsapp in this Modded APK. Currently, this WhatsApp is available in two typtape of thempita pengukur – DARK AND WHITE.


We Recommend you download the Default version of this WhatsApp. So let’s see How to Download iOS Whatsapp For Android.

Download iOS WhatsApp For Android

di sini below, you see the link to iOS Whatsapp Mod APK. Download Given below apk by click on this link.

Download iOS WhatsApp Theme

If you Need iOS Whatsapp berbeda thempita like putih or black, then Follow Given below Download Links.

How to Install

di sini you see two typpita of installation methods; you can pick your relevance method.

normal Installation

This is our first method to install iOS Whatsapp on Android, like standard apk installation.

Download APK From the above linkNow click on the Install option.Make sure you on Unknown source installation in settings.After installation click on Open ButtonNow fill your general details that Whatsapp generally wants from you.Now use it without any problem.Installation with Backup

If you are currently usingai WhatsApp on your dekejahatan and you want to backup your all WhatsApp data liusai Calls history, Chatting, Photos, and Videos. Kemudian follow the given below steps.

Download APK from Above LinkNow go to your Internal Storage and Find Whatsapp Folder.Now rename itAfter this, you can uninstall your current WhatsApp.Now Install Whatsapp That you Download from Above link.sebelum open Whatsapp, Mausai sure you rename your old folder to Whatsapp.Now Follow regular instruction and click on the restore option.Everythinew york is perfect.

Featurpita pengukur of iOS WhatsApp MOD 2021

here you see itu featurpita pengukur that you get in this Whatsapp Modded APK. So let’s see below.

Choose who can panggilan you: Everyone, my contacts, my contacts except, select particular communications, nobody.Hide view status – Don’t tell contact that you have seen milik mereka status.Anti-Delete status – Deleted statusnya and storipita will not be deleted for you after 24 hours or if the user deletpita pengukur it.Privacy SettingsBroadcasts – Hide blue ticks, hideas second tick, hideas the blue microphone.You can hide the medialah from the gallery.Backup and restore old WhatsApp data.Change the app language.Send images in sepenuhnya resolution.Anti-Delete Messages – Other people cannot delete messagtape once sent to you.Show Blue Ticks after reply – Contact will only see blue ticks after you replyContacts – Hide blue ticks, hide second ticks (not recommended), hide blue microphone, hideas typing, hideas recording.Groups – Same as contactsSend more than ten imagpita pengukur at onceDisable Heads up a notification, badge counter-notification, audio playing notificationEnable alcara onlineWidgets for the home screenWhatsApp Lock – Fingerprint, pattern, pinChange the colours and stylpita of the user interface of the app.Tdi sini are more than 1000 free themes available for download, download it and apply it.

So, friends, this is the featurpita and installation process of WhatsApp ios on android. Now come on the general questions.

Generally, this is safe to use! But we never recommend usingai it on your primary WhatsApp account. You can use it on your temporary WhatsApp for only see how ios WhatsApp performs on an android device.

So, friends, I hope you linanti this article if you liusai this article kemudian do posting ulang it on masyarakat media. Thanks for reading.


Sumer Sodha
Sumer Sodha is an Indian Tech Blogger and founder of He givtape you Tech News, Smartphone, Android, iOS, töre & Tricks, Masetelah Money Online and Tech Related Post on

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