WhatsApp is the most popgaris chat app in the dunia — here"s how to get it on your iPhone or Android device

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WhatsApp Messenger is the paling popular messagingai app in the world, with more than 2 billion setiap orang usingai it to stay in touch with friends, family and berbeda sosial connections.

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The Covid pandemic only increased that popularity, with usage soarinew york by up to 40 percent as rakyat across the planet menjadi restricted to anda homes for besar periods of time.

Pandemic or not, it"s easy to understand WhatsApp"s popularity. The service, owned by Facebook since 2014, features encrypted text messaging, promisinew york a layer of privacy for all your communications.

Other featurpita have been tacked onto the app over the years, including Wi-Fi callingai and multimedia support. WhatsApp particularly excels at managingi group chats, lettingai you communicate with select contacts all at once. And all of that is completely free — WhatsApp doesn"t charge to use the messagingi service.

Want to get in on messaging with WhatsApp? You"ll have to download the app to your smartphone first. Fortunately, it"s pretty easy to download WhatsApp Messenger for free. Here"s where you can find the app.

Wdi sini to download WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is primarily a way to stay connected on your mobile phone, so naturally, both Google and Apple feature WhatsApp in their respective app stores. But you"re not limited to an Android phone or iPhone to use WhatsApp — the company juga makpita pengukur a version for Mac and Windows PCs. (You"ll need to have WhatsApp on your phone to juga use the desktop version, though.)

There"s no dedicated version of WhatsApp for the iPad. Instead, you"ll need to access WhatsApp through a cari on Apple"s tablet, and even then, you"ll still need to link your iPad to an iPhone to use the app.

maafkan saya you can do with WhatsApp

Once you"ve got WhatsApp installed, gettinew york setup is a fairly straightdepan process. Consult our guide ide on how to use WhatsApp, which includtape sepuluh on gettingi started and overviews of all the features kemudian as messaging, group chats, suara calls and more.

WhatsApp is alcara gettingai new featurpita via updates, so it"s important to keep your version of WhatsApp updated. Recent additiopagi have included a dark mode, and WhatsApp also is planning to add a true multi-dekejahatan mode. Other new features included animated stickers, as WhatsApp faces stepped-up competition from rival apps kemudian as iOS"s menggabungkan Messages app.

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WhatsApp may feature encrypted messaging, but its affiliation with Facebook means you"ll still need to be vigilant about privacy given the latter"s spotty record when it compita pengukur to safeguardingi its users" personal data. For instance, WhatsApp may be at fault for your phone sourse showing up in Google temukan results, though tdi sini are cara to get your numberi removed.