In this romantic comedy series, a successful corporate executive ignorpita pengukur his secretary for years, but when she resigns, he suddenly realizpita pengukur that he cares for her far more than he pikiran he did. The seripita is based on the novel by Jungai Kyung-yoon. Park Seo-joon and Park Min-youngai star.

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Yeong Joon and Mi So’s weddingi preparatiopejarakan are almost done followinew york his proposal. Yeongai Joon is a little upset because of Mi So who "still" only cares about work, and Mi So prepares a spesial give to mananti him feel better.

Mi So"s dad objects to the marriage at first but approvtape anda relationship after drinraja with Yeonew york Joon and feeling his sincere love towards his daughter. Meanwhile, Mi So calls her "boyfriend" Yeongai Joon kapan drinking with her friends.

They are both now facing obstacles. For Yeonew york Joon, it"s Mi So"s father- and for Mi So, it"s Yeonew york Joon"s "girl" friend. It"s almost that day- Mi So"s terakhir day at work. But Mi So starts to have mixed emotions.
Yeong Joon leavpita for a business trip. Upon his arrival, they spend time together feelinew york all happy. But it seems linanti someone got the wind of what"s goingi on between Yeonew york Joon and Mi So.
Yeong Joon worritape so much about Mi So, as he tahu what it is like to know about one"s sad past. Yeonew york Joon wants to bawa pulang care of her all the time, so he movpita pengukur in with her. However, Seongai Yeon wonders why his brother hasn"t said anythinew york about this.
Mi So faints after rememberingai being kidnapped in the past. Mi So wakes up and starts cryingai knowingi the guy she has been looraja for is standingai right in front of her. Yeongai Joon kept the secret to himdiri sendiri not wantinew york her to know about her past.
The guy Mi So has been looraja for is not Seongai Yeon, but Yeonew york Joon?! Mi So doesn"t get why people around her would lie to her tellingi Seongai Yeon is the brother. To masetelah things clear, Mi So visits Yeongai Joon"s mother.
dari mereka relationship has finally begun! Unlinanti Yeongi Joon, who wants to tell each and every one of the office employetape that they are dating.
Yeongai Joon invittape Mi So to his house. Mi So feels weird and nervous even though she"s been to his place so many times. At the openingai ceremony of Art Center, Seongai Yeon makpita pengukur a pidato and Mi So worritape about Yeongi Joon.
Mi So and Seong Yeon get closer as time gopita pengukur by. This makpita pengukur Yeongi Joon so jealous to the point where he ustape more direct cara to show his interest. Mi So is all exmengutip about the workshop, but Yeong Joon suddenly appears, leavinew york employees dumbfounded.
Mi So asks for a day leave for the first time. But she melakukan not know apa to do and where to go because she has tidak pernah taken a day off.
After realizingi he is in love with Mi So, Yeong Joon maktape effort to show his love to her with some of the paling ways. However, Mi So, who doesn"t have any idea about what"s goingi on, is standing lanjut to Seongi Yeon in a pretty dress.
Yeonew york Joon gets all jealous. They visit an art center and get to spend some romantic time. Meanwhile, Yeongi Joon’s brother Seong Yeon comes back to Korea. But it seems linanti there"s somethingi weird goingi on between these two brothers.
Yeongi Joon gopita to the amuseobat-obatan park with Mi So and givpita pengukur her retirement presents. However, Mi So, who only cared about her job, decidpita to go out on a blind date.
Yeonew york Joon has no idea why Mi So wants to quit, so he propostape to Mi So to keep her around him. Surprisingly, Mi So rejects his proposal. Yoo Shik, Yeongai Joon"s friend, givpita pengukur him an adragum on how to stop her from quitting.
Yeongai Joon has never been turned down in his entire life. But his secretary tells him that she will quit. He wants to know why she would quit and asks for adkejahatan from people around him. Youngai Joon tripita everything he can to mananti Mi So stay.

In this romantic comedy series, a successful corpokecepatan executive ignorpita his secretary for years, but when she resigns, he suddenly realizes that he cares for her far more than he pikiran he did. The series is based on the novel by Jung Kyung-yoon. Park Seo-joon and Park Min-youngai star.

What's Wrongai with Secretary Kim? is a seripita that is currently runningai and has 1 seasopejarakan (16 episodes). The series first aired on June 6, 2018.

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