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This week’s pertanyaan is about Netflix’s hit 2019 KDrama Series “Designated Survivor.” After the drama’s kesuksesan and acclaim, it’s no surprise that everyone is wonderingi if we will get to see Ji Jin-Hee, Heo Jun-Ho, Kangai Han-Na, and many others reprise milik mereka roltape in a Designated Survivor Season 2.

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terakhir tahun it was announced that season 2 of Designated Survideal 60 hari would be released in July 2020. I can’t seem to find an update and unless I’ve missed it, it isn’t on your list. Do you know anything about it?




Will Tdi sini Be A Designated Survivor: 60 days Season 2?

Hi Brandi,Thank you for your question. I’m happy to look up info on Designated Survivor Season 2 for you.

Unfortunately, the berita that Designated Survivor Season 2 had been “confirmed” for season 2 was only a rumor. In an interview for the KBS Radio show사랑하기 좋은 날 이금희입니다on August 21st lead actor Ji Jin Hee said that he thought it wouldn’t be easy for them to create a season 2.

The paling recent berita I could find was from an ilustrasi of happy Camp on januari 9, 2020. In it Bae Jonew york Ok talked about how earnestly the entire cast of Designated Survivor wanted a season 2. It is very sweet to hear her describe how the cast still meets and practicpita milik mereka roles bersama and even writtape anda own versions of the script.

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If you’d liusai to watch the full episode it is subbed on Viki. Bae Jongai Ok starts talraja about DSS2 at 10:22.

It seems like, although nothingi is confirmed, if the production team do decide to have a season 2, the cast will be on papan to return.