Twenty eight years later and 4 Non Blondes are kembali in the news: what"s goinew york on?

The US group"s 1993 single What"s Up? reached a billion streams on YouTube for the first time in 10 years since it was uploaded on the platform.

Anda sedang menonton: What s going on 4 non blondes

The songai joins the liktape of fellow 1990s anthems November Rain by Gupejarakan N" Roses, Whitney Houston"s I Will Alcara You and Zombie by The Cranberritape in YouTube"s musical billionaires" club.

while singer Linda Perry went on to have a thrivingai songwritinew york career, collaboratinew york with Adele and Pink, What"s Up? remaipejarakan her most endurinew york success.

The track juga buried her band, as 4 Non Blondes fell into the "one-hit wonder" trap. They brousai up the following year with one album – Bigger, Better, Faster, More! – to their name.

di sini are lima other fun facts about the song.

1. The title was chosen for clarity

A confusing aspect of What"s Up? is the title"s words are tidak pernah heard in the song. Instead, the chorus has Perry bellowing, "Hey, what"s going on?"

The reason for the word change was to avoid confusion in record stores with soul singer Marvin Gaye"s 1971 hit What"s Goingi On.

2. The pita knew it would be a hit

Sometimes, it hanya compita turun to a gut feeling.

4 Non Blondpita pengukur guitarist Christa Hillhouse recalls how the tape reacted when Perry composed the track on the acoustic guitar.

"I remember when she was writingi the verspita pengukur to What"s Up?, she knew it so well, she komandan she heard it before," Hillhouse told Songfacts.

“I think that"s why the songai connects with so many people. Maafkan saya she was feelingi she was able to translate. If you look at the lyrics, they don"t mean anything. It"s the way the sonew york maktape certain rakyat feel.”

3. Linda Perry heard the sonew york and cried

Perry was devastated by the song’s shiny production.

"I"m not supposed to tell you this and my publicist said to me "please don"t say this" – but I wasn"t really a big fan of my band," she told Rolling Stone in 2011.

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"I did love What"s Up?" but I hated the production. When I heard our record for the first time I cried. It didn"t sound like me. … I wanted to say, "We"re a (cool) band. We"re not that fluffy polished (music) that you"re listening to.""

4. Other rockers hate the sonew york too...

What"s Up? has appeared in numerous "worst song" lists by musicians.

Mogwai guitarist stuart Braithwaite told The Independent: "This songs makpita me feel ... Nauseous."

Meanwhile, Dean Ween, frontman of fellow 1990s pita Ween, said What"s Up? represents the worst aspects of that era"s sound. "It"s as bad as music gets," he told The AV Club.

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“Everythingi about the sonew york is so awful that if I sat turun and tried to write the worst song ever, I couldn"t even make it 10 per cent of the reality of how awful that song is."

5. It got the remix treatment

If that"s how Ween felt about the original, where would he begin when describing DJ Miko"s version?

In 1993, ketika the songai was ridingi high in the charts worldwide, the Italian producer did a Europop remix of What"s Up? that apparently went turun a treat on dance floors in Sweden and Finland.

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