div iframe div That are the specialists? Our accredited Educators are actual teachers, instructors, as well as scholars that utilize their scholastic competence to tackle your hardest inquiries. Educators undergo an extensive application procedure, and also every solution they send is assessed by our internal content group. p br The rate of a wave on a stretch string is: p 'v = sqrt(T/(m/L))' p where v - rate of the wave p T - string stress p m - mass of string L - size of string Utilizing the formula over, ... Beginning your 48-hour cost-free test to open this solution as well as thousands extra. Appreciate magyaroldalak.net ad-free and also terminate anytime. The rate of a wave on a stretch string is: p 'v = sqrt(T/(m/L))' p where v - rate of the wave T - string stress p m - mass of string p L - size of string p Utilizing the formula over, fix for T when wave rate is 100 m/s. 'v = sqrt(T/(m/L))' '100 = sqrt L) ' p To eliminate the extreme indication, square both sides. '100 ^ 2 = T/(m/L)' p '100 ^ 2 * m/L = T ' Then, address for v when worth of T is increased. p So, increase T by 2. 'v = sqrt((2 * T)/(m/L))' p Replace 'T=100 ^ 2 * m/L '. 'v = sqrt ((2 * 100 ^ * m/L)/(m/L)) = sqrt(2 * 100 ^ 2) = 100sqrt2 ~ ~ 141.4 ' p Therefore, when T is increased, the wave rate enhances from 100 m/s to 141.4 m/s. p br Accepted by magyaroldalak.net Content Group h3 Ask a Concern Ask a Concern Send Concern h3 Popular Questions br See all br Associated Concerns h2 Browse All Scientific research p Newest response uploaded July 24, 2012 at 5:23:14 PM p The regularity of the most affordable standing wave setting on a 1.0-m-long string is 40 Hz. What is the wave rate on the string?a) 20 m/s b) 40 m/sc) 60 m/sd) 80 m/s p 1 Instructor solution br p Scientific research p Most current response uploaded April 28, 2012 at 12:37:52 PM A water wave has a wavelength of 4.0 m as well as a rate of 2.0 m/s. What is the duration of this wave? p 2 Teacher solutions Scientific research p Most recent solution published July 23, 2012 at 4:04:50 PM p A sinusoidal wave taking a trip on a string has a duration of 0.18 s, a wavelength of 31 centimeters, as well as an amplitude of 3.0 centimeters. What is the rate of this wave?a) 10 cm/sb) 17 cm/sc) 170 cm/sd) 340 cm/s br 1 Teacher solution Scientific research p Newest solution published October 11, 2010 at 10:58:03 AM What is the essential regularity of a guitar string that is 1 m long, the mass each size is 50 g/m as well as the Stress in the string is 50 N. p 2 Instructor responses Scientific research p Most current solution uploaded August 26, 2012 at 4:46:42 AM A sprinter increases at 2.5 m/s ^ 2 from remainder up until reaching his full throttle of 15 m/s. He then remains to perform at leading speed.How long does it take him to run the 100-m dashboard? p 1 Teacher response magyaroldalak.net will certainly assist you with any type of concern or any kind of publication. Our evaluations as well as recaps are created by specialists, as well as your inquiries are addressed by genuine instructors. Sign up with magyaroldalak.net p Relate to be an Instructor br Advised Extra h3 & duplicate; 2021 magyaroldalak.net, Inc. All Legal rights Scheduled p