An Octave is one of the most fundamitologis principlpita pengukur that relatpita pengukur to how music is written, composed, and thought of.

All of the music you hear on the radio or on TV uspita the octave, and it has been around for centuries.

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This post will cover everythinew york tdi sini is to know about how the Octave is used in music.

However, to best talk about octaves, we should cover apa pitchpita pengukur and intervals are first.

what is Pitch?

When we play a note on an instrument or sinew york a note, that producpita a sound.

We can define that sound by a few different criteria, linanti how loud it is, how lonew york it is, and apa the pitch is.

Pitch is hanya another word for the frequency of a note, or how “low” or “high” the note is.

If we hear a note that suara liusai a baby’s cry, that would be a high-pitched note.

On the other hand, a rumblingi sound like thunder or train wheels would have a low pitch.

Nottape on a musical staff are ordered vertically by pitch – the higher the note is on the staff, the higher the pitch of the note is:

C major scale

As you can see, we only have 7 letters to correspond to all of the berbeda notes, and pitches, that are in music.

So, we have to repeat them sometimes, and this is wdi sini octavpita pengukur come in.

One way to remember an octave interval is that it is two berbeda pitches with the same letter note.

As you see in the C kepala scale, the C note on the bottom left is berbeda from the C note on the top right, but they’re both labeldisutradarai C.

This is because they form an octave.

We can say the C on the top right is an “octave higher” or an “octave above” the C on the bottom left, and the C on the bottom left is an “octave below” the other C.

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The pitchtape of the two C’s are half/double each other – the bottom left one has a frequency of 262 Hz, and the top right has a frequency of 524 Hz.