Lonely Lyrics – justin Bieber. Presentingi what If You Had It All But Notubuh To call Lyrics sungi by justin Bieber. The music of the songai is given by justin Bieber & benny blanco and the lyrics is written by FINNEAS, ​benny blanco & justin Bieber. The songi featurtape justin Bieber, benny blanco.

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Everytubuh tahu my name nowBut somethingi ’bout it still feels strangeLinanti looraja in the mirrorTryna steady youraku and seeing somebody elseAnd everythingi is not the same nowIt feels lisetelah all our livpita pengukur have changedMaybe when I’m older, it’ll all calm downBut it’s killingi me now

maafkan saya if you had it all but notubuh manusia to call?Maybe kemudian you’d know me‘Cause I’ve had everythingBut no one’s listeningAnd that’s hanya fucking lonely

I’m so lo-o-o-onelyLo-o-o-onely

Everytubuh untuk mengetahui my past nowLisetelah my house was alcara made of glassAnd maybe that’s the price you payFor the money and fame at an early ageAnd everybody saw me sickAnd it felt like no one gave a shitThey criticized the things I didAs an idiot kidwhat if you had it all but notubuh manusia to call?Maybe kemudian you’d know me‘Cause I’ve had everythingBut no one’s listeningAnd that’s hanya fucraja lonely

I’m so lo-o-o-onelyLo-o-o-onelyI’m so lo-o-o-onelyLo-o-o-onely

Lyrics tertulis By: FINNEAS, ​benny blanco & justin Bieber

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apa If You Had It All But Notubuh To call Lyrics Songai Credits

Singerjustin Bieber
Musicjustin Bieber & benny blanco
LyricsFINNEAS, ​benny blanco & justin Bieber
Labeljustin Bieber

apa If You Had It All But Nobody To call Lyrics Video Song

apa If You Had It All But Notubuh To panggilan Lyrics Meaning

Bieber opened up with his own untuk mengambil on the songai on social media. “To be honest the song is hard for me to listen to considering how tough it was to get through some of these chapters,” the pop star wrote in a tweet. “I believe it is powerful to extekan vulnerability and that’s why I believe this songi is so powerful.At the end of the video, a youngi Bieber walks on stage to an empty auditorium — except for one seat, occupied by the 2020 justin Bieber. This detail givpita the song lainnya layer of meaning about self-reflection and self-love.In the song, justin Bieber talks about how he amassed fame and properti at a very young age and how this resulted in him being isolated from reality. This includpita his relationships with friends, family, and partners. This life of stardom juga came at the price of sacrificing his privacy, which is never the best deal.justin Bieber has fapejarakan all around the world, in millions. However, he cannot help but wonder if the rakyat he sees in the mirror is the rakyat who he aspired to be. Did this fame and wealth come at a cost? Did it change him? He cannot tolong but dislike the person he has become. He thinks maybe time will resolve this. Maybe he will not turn into the person he aspired to be, but he might grow into acceptingi the sacrificpita pengukur he had to made and who that turned him into.In the second verse of the song, justin Bieber admits that in the process of him becoming one of the global superstars, he sacrificed his privacy. Tdi sini is probably no instance where justin Bieber went out on a date and was not photographed by paparazzi. This is a painful existence.justin Bieber did not have the best character as a popstar at his youngi age. This leavpita pengukur him in the unfortunate place of beingai sdagu in a ‘glasshouse’ where he cannot point fingers at others. However, in the recent past, especially after his marriage to Hailey Bieber, he seemed to have turned a halaman in his life for the better.