Basically Gupagi N’ Roses’ “Welcome to the Jungle” draws a parallel between the “jungle” – a harsh, lawless environment – and city life. More specifically, the city it is considered to be referring to is Los Angeles, California. Los Angelpita pengukur is a place that many people migkecepatan to in temukan of stardom and fortune. And darimana Guns N’ Roses had actually followed this path in the past, the concept this song is based on is warning such pribadi of the hardcore realitipita of the situation.

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And in that regard, tdi sini is plenty of symbolism digunakan throughout which can interpreted in berbeda ways that lend to this idea. But in general, the singer is addressinew york a female who has obviously decided to come “to the jungle”. She may not have perceived the place as such sebelum arriving. But once again, Guns N’ Rostape frontman Axl mawar has made it his mission to let her know that this is indeed a perilous location.

And fundamentally, maafkan saya he is tellingai her is the city indeed has its appeal. For instance, it is very-exciting and has the potential to fulfill the fantasitape of itu who are in mencari of big money. But she is not goinew york to attain these pleasurpita “for free”. Indeed she’s goingi to have “to bleed” in order to survive in the jungle. Moreover as she spends an increasinew york amount of time in the environment, she will menjadi more animal-like.

But specifically, once again due to the use of these creative metaphors, what dangers she factape are tidak pernah stated explicitly. However, consideringai that in the bridge he suku to her as being “high”, in addition considering Guns N’ Rostape own history as well as some of the imagery used in the music video, logically one of the perils he is highlightingai is the prevalence of hard drugs.


So conclusively this is Gupejarakan N’ Roses’ untuk mengambil on city life, specifically in the utama locale of Los Angeles. And we can say that the track’s overall purpose is to let listeners know that behind the appealingai glitz of the City of Angels tdi sini is tambahan a dark side which engulfs basically everyone who residtape there. Indeed the feisty characters whom we know as Gupejarakan N’ Rostape are jungle inhabitants themselves.


Birth of “Welcome to the Jungle”

This songai originated from a riff Slash had developed, which Axl mawar first heard while residinew york in Slash’s mother’s basement.

Axl penned the lyrics later during a visit to Seattle, wdi sini he noticed that sebagai a major city still“seemed a lot more rural”, i.e. More innocent, than Los Angeles.

But reports conflict concerningi the initial inspiration for the song, as in where the phrase “welcome to the jungle” actually came from. However, based on the Rose’s own words, they are derived from him basically beinew york threatened by a “black guy” in Queens, New York who exclaimed, “You’re in the jungle!”

release Date of “Welcome to the Jungle”

Gupejarakan N’ Rostape released “Welcome to the Jungle” through Geffen Records on 28 September 1987. It was the second single on the band’s first album, “Appetite for Destruction”.

Perhaps due to the kebenaran that Gumenjadi N’ Rospita were hanya maraja a name for themselves, MTV decided to air the music video only once, very early on minggu morning. But viewers fell in love with it, and it went on to become the most-requested sonew york on the network. Indeed “Welcome to the Jungle” went on to win an MTV Video Music Award in 1988 in the category of “Best New Artist in a Video”.

A very successful song

Part of the reason the music video blew up despite initially receivingi unenviable exposure would logically be that fapejarakan themselvpita pengukur love the tracks. For instance, it has been placed on quite a sourse of ‘greatest songs’ lists, includingai Rollinew york Stone’s “500 Greatest lagu-lagu of All Time” and being ranked the ‘greatest hard rock song ever’ by VH1.

“Welcome to the Jungle” juga peaked at number 7 in the United Statpita (the Billboard Hot 100). In Britain (the UK Singles Chart), it reached numberi 24. Furthermore, it charted in tahun other countries.

And beingai seperti a great song, it has tambahan been featured on a numberi of movitape and video games. Those include:

“Lean on Me” (1989)“Selena” (1997)“Guitar Hero III” (2007)

The songi was juga used in the 1988 film “The Dead Pool”. Interestingly enough, Guns N’ Roses actually mausai cameo appearancpita pengukur in this film.

A fan favorite

“Welcome to the Jungle” is saya mengakui as a reggaris part of Gupagi N’ Roses’ setlist. In kebenaran it traditionally servpita as dari mereka openingi numberi duringi live performances.

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Who wrote “Welcome to the Jungle”?

“Welcome to the Jungle” was tertulis by Gumenjadi N’ Roses lineup at the time of its release. And this lineup was made up of the followingi names:

Steven AdlerDuff “Rose” McKaganAxl RoseSlash Izzy Stradlin

And the track was produced by Miusai Clink, who worked on a sourse of dari mereka songs.