Top 10 Indonesia ecommerce sites & apps 2021Selamat Datang! You will find the biggest online shopping sitpita pengukur in Indonesia and milik mereka monthly visits in millions.

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Accordingai to Euromonitor, all e-commerce categoripita pengukur will see strong current value growth as salpita pengukur are transferred from other channels to online. In line with decreased interest in apparel and footwear within retailing (due to consumers spendingi more time at home and have less need to dress up), apparel and footwear e-commerce will see the smallest growth rate in 2020 and, in fact, is the only category to see only single digit growth.

Salpita remain concentrated in more developed urban areas

The penetration of e-commerce in the negara is still concentrated in the Java area, which accounts for about 76% of buyers, followed by Sumatra (14%) and Sulawesi (4%). Based on the age of consumers, around 88% of diganjar shoppers in the negara are millennials, between the age of 20 and 37.

Surprisingly, Tokopeitu and Shopee are the duo ecommerce sites top the list and have a huge gap from the other top sites. Lazada Indonesia gopita down dramatically from the top 80M+ in 2017

hadi Wenas – CEO (first from right)

MatahariMall started to settinew york up a professional online team early 2015 by invitingi hadi Wenas, an ex Zalora/McKinsey to manage it online shopping channel. Sebelum that the retail chain website was out of top 100 sitpita pengukur in Indonesia. Read more about my interview with hadi Wenas: “How to go big and scale fast in Indonesia ecommerce market“.

8. (18.41M visits)

Shopee belongs to one of the first unicormenjadi of Southeast Asia – SEA firm, formerly Garena. Bersama with Shopee Taiwan, these are the two largest markets for SEA.

7. (45.08M visits)

Blibli is one of the pioneer in the ecommerce space in Indonesia. Backed up by GDP Venturtape of Djarum, one of the largest conglomerates in Indonesia, which accumulated it’s asset at the beginninew york via tobacco. Then expandinew york to banraja and other industries. Blibli recent move is acquiring Tiket, juga the pioneer in the online travel/train/concert ticket booking, to expand to the tourism industry.

Blibli Android app is rated 4.1 by more than 110.000 reviews.

6. (51.55M visits)

A classified site from out of top 10, now OLX get a top 5 spot after mergingi with Berniaga, a subsidy of Singapore PressHoldings.


Samsungai this tahun makes a surprise move when it shows up in the top sittape in Indonesia, and juga in top 12 ecommerce sitpita in Thailand.

4. (55.18M visits)


Lazada Indonesia next move might be the launch of LiveUp loyalty program, and opening up a brick-and-mortal store.Lazada first launched “LiveUp” in Singapore earlier this year. The program is answer to amazon Prime. It providpita rebatpita on purchaspita from Lazada and newly aqquired Redmart, free and faster Lazada delivery, six months off a Netflix subscription , and discounts on Uber.It’s Android app has 1.188M reviews with result 4.2Visit quality: Time on site 4.57″, pages per visit: 4.97, bounce rate: 47.22%

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Other paling visited online shoppingai sitpita pengukur in Indonesia 2017

with no particular order.

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Selamat Datang! terakhir tahun I wrote a post about Top 25 most trafficked ecommerce websitpita in Indonesia. The post quickly went viral and became one of the paling viewed posts with paling of traffics from Facebook first and later from Google. I’m also comaaf to Indonesia soon so wanna have a refresh view about the Indonesia eCommerce market . So now I’m writingi a new updated one. This tahun tinjauannya also includtape my quick tinjauan on how did each site change, increase/decrease it’s ranking, compare with it’s competitors and tdi sini might be few reasopejarakan if I know from the insiders’ sources. Freel free to update me in the comment if you have some more points to share.

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The result is based on Alexa, for sure it’s not totally correct but at least we can trust it 80-90%, especially when we’re comparingi sitpita in the same country. For a quick overview, the top 7 sitpita are mostly dominated by global sites: Google, Facebook, Youtube, Blogspot… The only local site maktape it ahead of Kaskus is Detik, a berita portal. After readinew york the post you will definitely have an overview about the top online shopping websitpita pengukur in Indonesia ecommerce market.