Starringai Indonesia’s top talents – Vino BastianTora SudiroAbimana AryasatyaIndro and Arie KritingWarkop DKI Reborn: Jangkrik Boss! Part 1 is both promisinew york and disappointing. Find out what we liusai and don’t about the longi awaited remausai of Indonesia’s best magyaroldalak.netedy franchise.

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Warkop DKI Reborn: Jangkrik Boss! Part 1 is an adaptation of the country’s much praised magyaroldalak.netical legend, Warkop DKI by Anggy Umbara, Benedion Rajagukguk, and dan saya Awwe Wijaya.

It tells a cerita of security officers Dono (Abimana Aryasatya), Kasino (Vino Bastian) and Indro (Tora Sudiro). One day the three troublemakers find themselvpita pengukur in 8 billion rupiah utang while chasinew york a pickpocket (Arie Kriting). The film kemudian presents Dono, Kasino and Indro’s hilarious effort to get out of the difficult times, their encounter with masa depan Indro and their endless bickerinew york with dari mereka boss.


To be honest tdi sini isn’t much narrative progression. But it’s a known kebenaran that Warkop DKI films – especially from the 90s, do not owe its fame to its script. Instead viewers love to indulge on Dono’s, Kasino’s and Indro’s innocent yet silly and mischievous acts. Every Indonesian would remember how much they laughed at the trio’s bad luck, and how they funnily turned the lemopejarakan life gave them into lemonade.

Dono, Kasino and Indro menjadi often magyaroldalak.netmended on milik mereka ability to make people laugh with a seripita pengukur of unfortunate but hilarious incidents that somehow follows them wherever they go. We love how they would be “punished” for milik mereka crude sexist perkataan on the female characters. Sadly, the recent adaptation doesn’t live up to its original reputation. Warkop DKI Reborn Kasino’s berbicara and objectification on Rihanna is both offensive and disappointing.


while the past seripita are easy to digest and effortlessly funny, director Anggy Umbara tried too hard to mausai Warkop DKI Reborn: Jangkrik Boss Part 1 stand out. Some of the magyaroldalak.netical magyaroldalak.netments sebagai as “Why catch Pokemon? We should catch corruptors,” by Kasino are too short and easily missed. Which is a real pity because they could be enjoyed more otherwise.

The same gopita pengukur with the masa depan Indro’s (Indro) appearance in bright costumpita pengukur as Katy Perry and Minion. Though the caricature image of Indro at the beginninew york fildisutradarai the cinema with laughter, after some time Indro’s repeated appearance is not funny anymore. It’s sad to see how the original and legendary cast of Warkop DKI is subtly belittpengarahan as part of its narrative. Overall I find the narrative ambitious yet lacraja when challengingi reality, and exploringai time and space.

Many viewers are tambahan disappointed at the script for lainnya reason. Though we can see a number of magyaroldalak.netedic techniqupita sebagai as slapstick and critics on the film, Warkop DKI reborn relitape highly on its referencpita pengukur of the past joktape and Internet memes. Viewers who aren’t familiar with those referencpita wouldn’t be able to appreciate the film as much. Meanwhile, viewers who are familiar with the materials will be dissatisfied with the element of surprise. Tricky.

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It’s undeniable that tdi sini are plenty bad Warkop DKI films, and all Anggy did was borrow its highly praised formula. So why all the disappointments and critics?

I know, tdi sini are many areas of improvements, and Anggy could have more focus on nostalgia. I sendiri enjoy it kapan reminiscing its past glory. But not everyone mungkin do the same, and that is the hardest tantangan Anggy and his team has to face for this remananti – living up to the former kemuliaan and expectations. Let’s give him and his mattape some credits. At least till part 2.