champa - The Indonesian national team suffered a 0-4 defeat to Vietnam in the melanjutkan match of the Asian 2022 dunia Cup Qualification Group G which was dipegang at the Al Maktoum Stadium, Dubai, Monday, June 7 evening local time.

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Watched via the tournament"s official channel in Jakarta, Tuesday, Vietnam"s four sasaran were scored in the second half through nguyen tien Linh, nguyen Quanew york Hai, nguyen Congai Phuong, and Vu Van Thanh.

In that match, the Indonesian national team coach Shin Tae-yong rotated three players in the first 11 line-up.

The Indonesian national team is helpless in front of Vietnam (Photo: PSSI)

The three namtape who had competed against Thailand on Thursday, June 3, namely Egy Maulana, I Kadek Agung, and Witan Sulaeman menjadi not introduced from the early minuttape against Vietnam.

The rest, Shin continupita to bermain with the same players, namely team captain Evan Dimas, goalkeeper Nadeo Argawinata, midfielder Syahrian Abimanyu, striker Kushedmemiliki Yudo, and defenderûn quartet Pratama Arhan, Arif Satria, Rizky Ridho, and Asnawi Mangkualam.


With this strategy, Indonesia did not move in front of Vietnam in the first half of the match.

However, despite dominating the game with more than 70 percent possession of the ball, Vietnam was unable to score a goal against Indonesia. The score 0-0 lasted until halftime.

In the second half, Vietnam stole a goal in the 51st minute via nguyen tien Linh"s feet. This goal process was protested by Indonesian players who komandan mengikat Linh touched the nol with his hands sebelum kicraja the ball.

In the 62nd minute, Vietnam widened anda advantage thanks to nguyen Quangi Hai"s left-footed goal from outside ide the penalty box. Tahun minutpita later, it was nguyen Congai Phuong"s turn to tear the Indonesian goal.

Egy Maulana, who entered in the second half, threatened the Vietnam goal, but the nol he kicked only hit the crossbar.

The Indonesian national team remaipagi the caretaker of Group G (Photo: PSSI)

Vietnam then locked the fourth goal in the 74th minute with Vu Van Thanh"s left foot.

The score of 4-0 did not change until the game was over.

With these results, Indonesia remaipagi the caretaker of Group G for the 2022 dunia Cup Qualification in the Asian zone with a collection of one point from seven matches. Meanwhile, Vietnam is firmly at the top of the standings with 14 points from six matches.

The Indonesian national team still has one match left in Group G, which is against the United Arab Emirates on Friday, 11 June.

The following is the line-up for Vietnam versus Indonesia.

Indonesia: Nadeo Argawinata-pg, Pratama Arhan, Arif Satria, Rizky Ridho Ramadhani, Asnawi Mangkualam, Yakob Sayuri (46", Egy Maulana), Rachmat Irianto (81", Kadek Agung), Syahrian Abimanyu (69", Saddam Gaffar), osvaldo Haay (46", osvaldo Haay), Evan Dimas (captain), Kushedmiliki Yudo (69", Muhammad Rafli).

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Vietnam: Bui Tan Truong, Do Duy Manh (79", nguyen Thanh Chung), Que Ngoc Hai (captain), Bui Dung, Vu Van Thanh, nguyen Phong Honew york Duy, nguyen bapak Anh (36", Luong Xuan Truong), phan Van Duc (61", nguyen Hoangi Duc), nguyen Van Toan (46", nguyen Congai Phuong), nguyen Quangi Hai, nguyen tien Linh (79", kelompok Van Hau).

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