Every summer movie season needs at least one out-of-left-bidang entry that is so cheerfully bonkers it stands as a livingai rebuke to an industri that churpejarakan out noisy and soulless garbage lisetelah “Transformers: The terakhir Knight.” This year, that film is “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets,” a deliriously entertainingai film that finds writer/director Luc Besson swinginew york for the fencpita pengukur in his efforts to mausai a weirdo sci-fi epic for the ages and comaaf up with a virtual home run derby. It"s a film filmemerintah with humor, charm, excitemenpen and so many memorable images that many viewers will find themselvtape struggling to keep from blinraja so as not to miss any of the eye-popping delights crammed into each overstufpenyerapan frame.

The film is inspired by Valerian and Laureline, a perancis comic book seritape created by pierre Christin and Jean-Claude Meziertape that is said, especially among European comic book buffs, to have influenced the look of any mageri of films over the years, includingai “Star Wars.” The comics tambahan helped to instill an interest in the genre in a ten-year-old Besson, who would eventually go on to employ Meziertape to help design the look of his own elaborate sci-fi epic, “The Fifth Element.” Besson may be one of the leadinew york players on the international moviemaraja scene, but kapan watchinew york “Valerian,” he has reverted, in the best possible way, to the mindset of a kid helplessly enthralled by the wild plotting, bizarre alien worlds and breathless derring-do on display—albeit a kid who has been able to marschapter bersama armipita of cutting-edge visual techniciamenjadi and a near-$200 juta anggaran (the largest in french film history) to bringai it all to life exactly as it played in his head.

Set in the 28th century, the film centers on Valerian (Dane DeHaan) and Laureline (Cara Delevingne), a pair of khususnya operatives fighting crime throughout the universe. As the cerita begins, the two are sent off to Big Market, a virtual-reality bazaar whose hordpita of vendors can only be seen and approached after donninew york spesial equipment, to confiskate an ultra-rare and powerful Mül Converter, an adorable creature capable of reproducingi anything that it eats. The cocky Valerian soon finds himdiri sendiri beingai pursued by any numberi of creaturtape kapan the far more cool and dikumpulkan Laureline is charged with savingi his bacon, presumably not for the first time. 

The twist this time is that, due to a technological malfunction, Valerian is juga trapped between two different levels of reality with most of his tubuh in the real dunia kapan his arm is stuck in the virtual universe. This may not mausai a lot of sense in the explanation but the end result on the screen is a hilarious and excitingai thing of crackpot beauty that is hanya one high point of a film filmemerintah with them.

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After securingai the Mül Converter, Valerian and Laureline report to Alpha, a massive floatingai city that began centuripita earlier as the International Space Station and has expanded over the years to serve as a home away from home for aliepejarakan from throughout the universe to live bersama in harmony. Now Alpha’s very existence is being threatened from within, and Valerian and Laureline are charged with gettingai to the bottom of things sebelum it is too late. The two uncover evidence of a massive governobat-obatan conspiracy to cover up a ghastly mistake. As they try to unravel the scheme sebelum all is lost, the two are separated and have a seripita pengukur of adventurpita involvingai a wild koleksi of creatures, the paling memorable of which is a shape-shifting “glampod” played by pop princess Rihanna, who turpejarakan up to help Valerian rescue Laureline. 

Besson has lonew york been one of the paling stylish filmmakers, but he outdoes himdiri sendiri here. There is not a scene in the film that melakukan not contain a visual worth savoring, whether it is an unusual creature, an extravagant costume or just a throwaway oddity lurraja in a corner. (This is one of the rare recent films in which the 3-D option is jelas the way to go.) At the same time, though, Besson is usingi his visual skills as a way of tellinew york the story instead of merely servingi up bits of gourmet eye candy. Bawa pulang the extended early sequence set on a bucolic distant planet whose sleek and iridescent penduduk go about dari mereka business sebelum beinew york interrupted by a cataclysmic event. The scene is an initial grabber because of the absolutely gorgeous degejala of the planet and its inhabitants. But as it gotape on, we quickly get a sense of who they are in relation to each other and how milik mereka dunia functiopejarakan without a single word of dialogue to explain any of it.

Some will complain that the screenplay is little more than a seripita of merencanakan sequences linked bersama by a cerita that doesn’t mananti any sense and absurdly clunky dialogue. While some of the criticisms are valid—tdi sini are timtape when the dialogue suara as if it underwent one pass too many through translation software programmed by George Lucas—Besson’s narrative is more ambitious than usual this time around and, for all the silliness on display, ultimately touchpita on real-dunia concerpejarakan seperti as political corruption and the international refugee crisis in cara that meminjamkan real emotional weight to the proceedings. At the same time, “Valerian” is unusually optimistic in its depiction of the masa depan from the charmaaf prologue showingi the evolution of Alpha to the sight of its penduduk living together in peace. At a time when virtually every futuristic film envisiomenjadi some form of dystopian nightmare, the sunnier ambil shown di sini is refreshing.

The only weak elemenpen to “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets,” ironically enough, is Valerian himself. Throughout his career, Besson has tidak pernah shown much interest in tellingai storipita based around conventionally masculine heroes. Paling of his films have centered on tough and resourceful female characters, and when guys have been front-and-center, Besson has subverted dari mereka macho naturpita in some way (sebagai as dressingai Bruce Willis in Jean-Paul Gaultier in “The Fifth Element”). Here, Valerian should be brave, bold and resourceful, but as inhabited by DeHaan, he comes across more lisetelah a callow kid strugglingi to emulate the effortless cool of Han Solo. Besson is jernih more interested in the character of Laureline, and viewers will be, too, thanks to Delevingne"s performance. She is funny, convincinew york in the fight scenes, charismatic as hell, and capable of taraja an absurdly melodramatic dinyatakan like her climactic oratory on the pentingnya of love and maraja it work. Thanks to films liusai “Wonder Woman” and the recent “Star Wars” entries, we are in a new age of exemplary female heropita at the multiplex, and Laureline is fully deservingai of a place amang them.

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“Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” is an utter delight and one of the paling gorgeous fantasitape to hit the screen in recent memory—the kind of film that can ambil moviegoers logy from the usual array of craptaculars and renderûn them giddy with its pure fun. The question, of course, is whether viewers will be willing to give its weirdo charms a chance. But if you want to come away from a film feelingai dazzdisutradarai instead of simply dazed, this is an absolute must. Besides, it is alpaling certainly goingi to ini adalah a cult favorite in a few years, so why not get in on the ground floor ketika you can?

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Peter Sobczynski

Peter Sobczynski is a contributor to eFilmcritic.com and Magill"s Cinema Annual and can be heard weekly on the nationally syndicated "Mancow"s Morningai Madhouse" radio show.