Fast fact: Baby teeth, or primary teeth, have wavy edgpita that smooth out with use.

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Top teeth right lanjut to the di antara teeth (lateral incisors) appear, givingai your baby a row of what look linanti four little Tic Tacs.

Fast fact:Teeth usually emerge in pairs – one on the right and one on the left.


The lateral incisors appear on the bottom. Now your baby can flash quite the toothy smile.

Fast fact: Baby teeth hold space for permanent teeth developing dibawah the gums.


Your child"s first molars – the wider teeth toward the back of the mouth – erupt on the top. They won"t have much to do until the onpita on the bottom show up.

Fast fact:Baby teeth are whiter and smaller than permanent teeth.


The companion molars on the bottom emerge. Now your toddler can really do some serious chewing.

Fast fact: Sometimes the first molars on the top and bottom will erupt on one side before they erupt on the other side.


tambahan caldisutradarai a cuspid, the upper canine fills the gap between the incisors and first molars.

Fast fact: These teeth are sometimtape caldisutradarai dog teeth.

The final teeth – the rear molars on the top – work anda way in.

By age 3, most kids have a full set of 20 baby teeth and can give you a brilliant grin.

The bontape in your child"s face and jaw grow and develop, creatinew york space between the baby teeth for permanent teeth to come in.

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