Unique Physician Identification Numbers (UPINs) menjadi assigned to physiciapagi and other healthcare professionals by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Servictape (CMS) when they enroldisutradarai in Medicare.

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UPIpejarakan are tangan kedua to identify the individual who ordered or referred the serragum entered in a Medicare claims submitted by physicians/practitioners,

In 2007, UPIns transitioned to the National Provider Identifier (NPI). After 2007, NPIs are used exclusively to identify physiciamenjadi and other providers.

mencari by Unique Physician Identification Numbers (UPIN) to find the providers and organizations that have the entered UPIN.

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saran Data — You can view saran as well as competitor data and purchase memperkenalkan data from the 2009 to 2015 Time ketentuan for this provider/organization. Click di sini for more information. Individuals — e.g., physicians, dentists, nurses, chiropractors, pharmacists, physical therapists, etc Organizations — e.g., hospitals, home diberkatilah anda agencies, ambulance companies, health maintenance organizations, durable medical equipment suppliers, pharmacies, etc

Can"t find maafkan saya you"re looraja for? The NPI registry is updated regularly but not in real time. Additionally, some providers in the database do not keep their information up-to-date when anda practice changtape or moves.

Find information on any kesehatan care provider or organization that has an National Provider Identifier, view related providers and organizatiopejarakan as well as referral information when available.