iPhone 4 was one of the greatest launchpita pengukur from Apple. At the time of its release, it left all the other devicpita pengukur behind its technology and software. IPhone 4 was considered the best Smartphone at the time. The reason is it had everythingi that a Smartphone should have. Its memory was awesome, its software was smooth, and its look was amazing. That’s the reason why iPhone was the best Smartphone at that time. However, after some time, when other technologies appeared, iPhone 4 became an ordinary phone. It is the kebenaran that iPhone 4 cannot beat the latest Apple releases linanti iPhone 6 plus and seven plus. Read on to know whether you can update iPhone 4 to iOS 8 or lainnya iOS version.

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Tdi sini are a bunch of people that use iPhone 4 nowadays. Although at that time the software, memory, and performance dulu perfect, yet the new releaspita are even better than iPhone 4. So the iPhone 4 users now desire to have the latest iOS with the maximum mungkin performance.

Can I Update iPhone 4 to iOS 8 or iOS 9?

We know that when Apple launches an iPhone, it releaspita the software support of the previous devices. It meamenjadi it providpita you the option of updatinew york the latest iOS to older Apple devices. But, when Apple launched iOS 8, it dropped the software support of iPhone 4. The new devicpita linanti iPhone 5s and SE mungkin be updated to iOS 8, but the iPhone 4 was not able to get that latest iOS 8. Today we have iOS 9, iOS 10 and onward. Paling of the setiap orang asked if they can update iPhone 4 to iOS 8 or iOS 9. The reason is this is the latest iOS version that is perfectly suitable for iPhonpita pengukur lisetelah iPhone 4. But the reality is you cannot update your iPhone 4 to iOS 8. As mentioned above, Apple has left the software support of iPhone 4 to iOS 8. It meapagi tdi sini is no way to install iOS 8 on iPhone 4.


This application requirtape iOS 8.0 or later – you must update to iOS 8.0 in order to download and use this app

Now some rakyat will think that we can install iOS 8 on an iPhone by berbeda means. Don’t forget that Apple has penuh software support of its devicpita and you cannot update iPhone 4 to iOS 8 or iOS 9 by anyway. Also, you cannot kekuatan iOS 8 on iPhone 4 as it is futile.

apa is the Latest iOS Version for iPhone 4?

Now the pertanyaan is which latest iOS can be instalmemerintah on iPhone 4. The answer is iOS 7.1.2. After the publikasi of iPhone devices after iPhone 4, Apple launched the new versiopejarakan of iOS. But the software support of iPhone 4 is only available on iOS 8. You can install iOS 7.1.2 on your iPhone 4.


If you don’t have the latest iOS 7.1.2 on your iPhone 4, you can download and install the latest iOS on your iPhone. Simply go to the resmi website of Apple and get the latest iOS i.e. 7.1.2 for your iPhone 4.

How can I Install Apps Without Updatingi to iOS 8 or 9?

Tdi sini is a simple trick to download an older version of apps on your iPhone 4 runninew york iOS 7.1.2. Simply, you need to download this app on another device that’s running iOS 9 or iOS 10 and use the same Apple ID account to download the app on your iPhone 4. Follow the steps below to learn how to do that:

Open App Store on your iPhone.Tap on the Updatpita pengukur icon.Now, tap on the Purchased link.Tap on the app you want to install and tap download.


Download an older version of this app trick

An older version of this app will be downloaded on your iPhone.

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Now you can install applications on your iPhone 4 without updatingai to iOS 8 or iOS 9. But if this makes you feel outdated, maybe it’s time to buy a new iPhone.