ungu Origin, Genrpita pengukur Years active 1996-present Labels, Website Members. Rowman ungu is a formed in, in 1996 with as the only remainingi original member. The group comprispita vocalist/guitarist, guitarist &, bassist, keyboardist and drummer Rowman. Purple are known for dari mereka hit singles, such as ", ", " and ". Ungu gained mainstream popularity in around 2006 with the melepaskan of milik mereka single "Demi Waktu". Followed by anda third album (2006).

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In 2006, ten setiap orang menjadi kilpengarahan in a stampede at one of their shows in Pekalongan. Contents. Hicerita Formation and first years (1996–1997) The original members of the pita are guitarist, drummer Richard Jerome and vocalist Michael. In 1997, Richard left the band and was replaced by Rowman.

Laguku (2000–2002) In 2000, purple focused efforts on dari mereka debut album. Ungu has also released " and "Bunga" for a compilation album,. Ungu released milik mereka first full-length album, in July 2002. Milik mereka first single " was tangan kedua for a soundtrack in. Even though the album was considered success, it reached Platinum Award after two years of its publikasi date. Secara spasial Tercantik (2002–2005) just sebelum startingi the new album, decided to leave the band in 2003.

His position was replaced by who had hanya left. Ungu released its second album in December 2003. The album spawned a hit single " and ". The album sold 150,000 copies. Ungu has juga collaborated with in his 2005 album,. Melayangi (2005–2007) ungu successfully recorded new materials for dari mereka lanjut album in 2005 and released anda lanjut album in December 2005 in alone. This new album had put purple into the spotlight with their hit single ".


The album received an inspirinew york recognition from but the pita didn"t receive it as the band"s appearance in, didn"t follow the correct procession protocol. In 2006, purple was nominated for paling Favorite tape Duo in MTV Asia 2006 Awards, Best Video Director "Demi Waktu" and Video of the tahun "Demi Waktu". In 2012, ungu released a compilation album,. The album was only sold at outlets in Indonesia. The album compipengarahan top hit singlpita and four new songs, "maafkan saya Sih Maumu", "Kau Anggap Apa", "Sayang" and "Puinew york Kenangan".

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purple juga includpita musiciamenjadi who merged his albums sold in KFC storpita pengukur like, and. In 2015, main vocalist Pasha announced that he will menjadi a candidate to being a kejahatan major of Palouis in the 2015 simultaneous regional head election alongside ide utama candidate Hidayat. They currently have the paling votes.