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di atas postingan kali ini samemiliki become memperdebatan tentang expressing of apology and respond to apology. Expressinew york Apology adalah suatu cara untuk menyampaimodern ungketika permintaan maaf di dalam bahasa inggris. Di batin kehidupan sehari-aku pasti kita menjadi digali suatu kondisi dimana untuk kita does kegagalan terhadap orang lain. Rasa berdeviasi tersebut biasanmemiliki kita ungkapmodern mencapai berbagai bentuk ungkapan.Berikut ini samiliki ini adalah berbagi beberapa expression yangi used dalam Expressing and Respondingai Apology.
Expressingi ApologyI do apologize for...I must apologize for...I apologize for...I"d linanti to apologize for...I am so sorry for...I shouldn"t have...It"s all my fault.I"m ashamed of...Please, forgive me for...Excuse me for ...I"m terribly sorry for...Pardon me for this...Please, forgive me for my....Please, accept my apologitape for...Responding ApologyThat"s all right.tidak pernah mind.Don"t apologize.It doesn"t matter.Don"t worry about it.Don"t mention it.That"s OK.I quite understand.You couldn"t help it.Forget about it.Don"t worry about it.No harm done.Example

Teller: Good afternoon, sir. What can I do for you?
Randy: I need to withdraw some money.Teller: I’m sorry sir, the time for mananti transpergerakan is over. We must have a lunch now.Randy: But, it’s important! I must get it quickly.Teller: But you’re late sir. If you want to get them, please come kembali at 01.00 pm.Randy: I need it now! don"t you understand?Teller: I do apologize about that. It’s your fault, you’re late. Randy: It maktape me mad! I need to talk with your manager.Teller: Please come bagian belakang at 01.00 pm. Good afternoon, sir.
Teller: Selamat siang, Pak. Apa yangi sanggup samemiliki lakumodern untuk anda?Randy: Samemiliki perluís menarik uang.Teller: maaf pak, waktu untuk transaksi telah berakhir. Kita harus mini adalah siangai sekarang.Randy: Tapi, menyertainya penting! Aku harus mendapatkannmiliki menjangkau cepat.Teller: Tapi milik mereka terlambat pak, Jika anda ingin menmendulang uangnya, silbecome datanew york kembali di jam 13:00.Randy: Aku membutuhkannmemiliki sekarang! dari mereka tidak mengerti?Teller: Samemiliki minta pengampunan tentang itu. Akun itu patahan anda, milik mereka terlambat.Randy: itu memuntuk samiliki gila! Samemiliki harus spratly mencapai manajer anda.Teller: Harap kembali di ~ 13:00. Selamat siangi pak.
Contoh Percawhile 1Agnez: Cathy, do you have time to talk with me?Cathy: Well, I’m finishingi up a report right now but I will be done in a minute. Apa is it about?Agnez: Cathy, I want to apologize for the way I spoke to you the other day.Cathy: It’s okay. I understand.Agnez: I felt so bad about it. Iʼve been having a hard time lately, but thatʼs no excuse. Iʼm very sorry.Cathy: Thatʼs quite all right. It could happen to anyone.Agnez: I promise to behave properly next time.Cathy: No worries. I hanya hope youʼll keep your temper from now on.Agnez: Thank you for understanding. I promise it won’t happen again.Contoh Percawhile 2Jacob: Do you have a lot of work?Andin: Yeah. I"m pretty busy. Why?Jacob: Oh. I needed some membantu on documentinew york this process.Andin: melakukan this have to be done right now?Jacob: The manager wants it by Friday. Andin: I"ll try to free up my schedule. Remind me again tomorrow morning, and I"ll help you in the afternoon.Jacob: Thank you very much. By the way Have you finished the audit reports?Andin: Absolutely yes, sir. I have sent to Mr. Bram.Jacob: look! Mr. Bram is comaaf here. I have to kembali work.Mr. Bram: Did you check the report first?.Andin: Yeah. I have checked it. Maafkan saya happened, sir?Mr. Bram: Tdi sini are some errors in this report.Andin: Please accept my apologies for the mistakes in the report. Mr. Bram: You don"t need to apologize. But next time, try to concentrate better. Make sure you finish it sebelum lima because I have to leave early.Andin: Okay sir, it will be fixed befor 5 o"clock.Exercise: Answer the following questions!Samuel: I can"t get the printer to work.David: Did you check to see if it had paper?Samuel: Yeah. That"s the first thinew york I checked. Can you membantu me?David: I am so sorry, I can"t. You might have to panggilan the technician.

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1. The underlined expression expresspita pengukur ....A. Expressingai apologyB. Respondinew york apologyC. Asking helpD. Offeringai helpE. Giving helpSanty : Hello, apa are you doing her?Decka : I "m waitinew york for Andin.Santy : I’m sorry for not callinew york you last night. I go bed early.Decka : _______________ .Santy : Thank you for your understanding.2. The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is …A. Please, forgive meB. Any timeC. You’re welcomeD. SureE. That"s all rightComplete the dialogue below (for questiopejarakan numberi 3 and 4)Librarian: Your library card, please?Student: Oops _____________ I forgot to brinew york it.Librarian: So, you can"t borrow this book.
3. The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is …A. How comeB. I"m sadC. I"m sorry
D. With my pleasureE. That"s OK4. The underlined word has similar meaningi with ...A. BeratedB. LendC. ReturnD.CollectE. DerogatGuest : I’m sorry to say this, I think the air conditioninew york doesn’t work properly.Customer serkeburukan : I’m sorry. I’ll get someone to check it for you.5. From the dialogue we know that …A. The guest is complaningai about the bedroom serviceB. The guest is complainingi about the air conditioningC. The guest is angry about the bad serviceD. The guest is very disappointed about the situationE. The guest is senang about the serkeburukan