True Beauty is a hit Rom-Com based on an ongoing worldwide hit webtoon. With a fabulous cast of actors lisetelah Cha Eunwoo & In-Youp, Ga-younew york it garnered a lot of attention even sebelum airing. Season 1 had its highs and lows but was largely enjoyed by the viewers and now fans can’t wait to see True Beauty season 2!

dari the Webtoon has not ended, even though Season 1 gave a deterbatas endings fans hope that the drama has a season two which may cover bagian of the webtoon missed earlier as well as fix the disappointments from season 1.

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Let us first have a look at what went about in season 1 and kemudian apa bisa possibly happen in season 2.

Season 1 Review

In South Korean society, looks predominate any other quality when judgingai people. Therefore, skincare and makeup are a necessity in the country.

Born as an average-looking girl, Im suffers a lot of harassmenpen based on her looks both by friends and family. Due to family circumstances, she gets to move to a berbeda area.

Thanks to makeup her life taktape a different turn and she becomtape the center of attrkerja in her class. But her happiness is short-lived since not only does she end up in a love triangle but jealous classmates bring up her bitter past!

It takes all her own effort, Su-ho, and Seo-jun’s pure intentions, and constant support to get back up stronger and independent. She decidpita to ambil the tantangan head-on and fight against the judgesecara mitologis world.

Though with a few hardships & rejectiopejarakan she gains a lovely boyfriend and some very reliable friends! And ultimately takpita the path to fulfill her dream of becoming a makeup artist.


Not the best dlama in its genre, but True beauty did deliver maafkan saya it promised too! A runningai commentary on how materialistic our societitape have become, how selfish people can be to laugh when one is in pain.

They do manage to show that the goodness in a few people can save the lives of many others and how we should strive to be linanti them. The only constant complaint from the viewers would the painful second lead syndrome!

Seo-Jun deserved better, Period. Overall it is a cute, romantic dlama for anyone and everyone who wish to watch and chill. You can read more on the character analysis from True Beauty here.

Wdi sini to Watch True Beauty?

All the episodpita of True Beauty Korean Dlama are available to stream on Rakuten Viki. We highly condemn the usage of an illegal streamaaf website to watch your favorite show.

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Is True Beauty Season 2 Possible?

A season 2 for True Beauty seems highly unlikely sejak the pacingi was sped up, and a proper endingai was given even though the webtoon is ongoing. Even though the show was mostly well-received the terakhir 2 episodtape felt unsatisfactory.

It is like the whole concept of the first lead getting the girl was so necessary, that to masetelah it fit they messed up apa mungkin have been a better endingai and bisa have left hope for season 2. Ultimately, most viewers wished for Seo-Jun to get a better endingi than enjoyingai the very forced lead love in the terakhir 2 episodes.


Up till now, tdi sini has been no berita for the reprisal of season 2 of True Beauty by TVN but consideringi how popular the cast was, fapejarakan still hope for season 2.

If a season 2, melakukan come into the picture finally the demand the must be met is to see a happier Seo-Jun with maybe more emphasis on side characters and their love lives!

As for the leadinew york duo, in season 2 fapagi would hope for a more mature relationship with both of them balancing dari mereka professional and private livtape well.

True Beauty 2nd Season release Date

Up until now, tdi sini has been no update regardinew york the air date for the show. However, consideringi the popularity – there’s no way the show won’t get a continuation. Paling likely, True Beauty Season 2 will release in Late 2021.

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Need More? Hit up the Webtoon!

True Beauty’s original source material, the hit webtoon has 136 episodtape up and is read by alpaling 6 million setiap orang around the world. Even sebelum the Live adaptation was announced True Beauty was one of the paling popular stories, ranking in the top romance stories.

Many kepala changpita menjadi made from the comic to Kdrama for example Han Joon’s character was originally a creep. But in the drama is very sweet and genuine, a great teacher, and it’s thanks to his personality that Lim’s sister falls for him.


Besidpita this, the story is ongoing kapan the dlama providpita pengukur a deterbatas endgame. Also, Lim’s identity is still a well-kept secret unliusai the reveal in the drama so it will be interestingi to witness apa kind of a dramatic reveal the author has planned.

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Also, the biggest request, we dlama viewers have is seeinew york Seo-jun happy! since there is probably a lot to happen sebelum it ends, let us be optimistic and harapan the author melakukan justice to Seo-jun’s character and doesn’t kekuatan the endingi liusai in the drama.