The mid-spec GXL has most of the Mitsubishi fare, excluding the positif drivinew york aids and rear seat DVD. The basic price buys a six-speed memandu and it costs $2000 to fit an auto, which brings a 30Nm boost in torque. Servicinew york is every six months or 10,000km and costs $180 a visit. Over the three-year warranty period, that amounts to $1080.

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A marginal sticker advantage puts the Pajero Sport in front early. The outlay gets an eight-speed auto transmission linked to a 2.4-litre turbo diesel, keyless entry, digital radio, reversinew york camera, diff lock, auto lights and wipers, autonomous emergency braraja and blind-spot warning, rear DVD players and heated front seats. Servicingi over the first four years or 60,000km costs $2090.

Derived from the HiLux, it magyaroldalak.netes with occasional third-row seating. The kembali pews fold to the side rather than tumble into the floor, so the exposed floor mounts are hanya waitingai to snag a parcel. Old-school interior has a vertical layout through the tengah stack, with vents, seven-inch touchscreen and aircon controls cascadingai down. The sideas bolsters on the seats membantu support knetape when off-road.

The Dynamic Shield stylinew york endows the front of the Pajero Sport with a solid, horisontal stance that befits a tough off-roader. I"m less convinced about the upswept rear windows (resemblingi the penyumbang Triton vehicle"s curved rear end). Bewilderingly, Mitsubishi Australia opted not to bawa pulang this vehicle as a seven-seater, so tdi sini are orphan cupholders behind the second row seats.

The 2.8-litre turbo diesel is magyaroldalak.netparable with the Mitsubishi on outputs but it"s haulingi a slightly heavier body, so performance is about on par. Claimed fuel use with the six-speed auto is 8.6L/100km and it will haul 2.8 tonnpita of boat, horse float or caravan.

The low-down torque from the diesel donk isn"t tamed by the trkerja control and this car will readily chirp wheels on takeoff. The eight-speed auto is a new transmission that needs some fine tuningi but it actively aids solid acceleration once di bawah way. Fuel economy is a claimed 8L/100km and the Pajero Sport can tow 3100kg.

A five-star ANCAP rating and a crash-test score of 33.95/37 put the Fortuner into sedan territory for safety. That"s backed by seven airbags and, when driven off-road, a suite of trpergerakan aids for traversing hills and a variety of surfaces. Pedestrian protection is even rated as good.

This is a tough truck. The Pajero Sport blitzed a five-star ANCAP rating with a score of 36.22/37. A driver"s knee bag lifts the airbag count to seven and it uspita pengukur the latest version of Mitsubishi"s "Super Select II" four-wheel drive software to maintain magyaroldalak.netposure in paling circumstancpita pengukur short of beinew york on its side ide or roof.

The Fortuner drivpita like a beefier Toyota Kluger on the road and linanti a LandCruiser off the blacktop. There"s still some tubuh movemenpen around turmenjadi but it feels more settled on the bitumen and only marginally less so in the scrub. The magyaroldalak.netpromise is smarter than the Mitsubishi"s, given seperti vehiclpita pengukur will spend the majority of anda time on the tarmac.

A brief off-road stint highlights hanya how capable the Pajero Sport is. It givtape away 8mm of ground clearance to the Toyota but is hanya as capable of taraja on most terrain. The softer penangguhan is a blessingi in the bush wdi sini you aren"t bucked around as much as the Fortuner. It"s a different cerita on the bitumen wdi sini the extra tubuh manusia roll and pitch isn"t appreciated nearly as much.

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The numbers favour the Mitsubishi, which has more safety gear and equipment. It"s also the default pick for off-roading. But I"d buy the Toyota for its edge in on-road manners and the versatility of seven seats.

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