Danau Toba yangi ditahu akan legenda danau toba di dalam bahasa inggris ini adalah sebuah danau vulkanik mencapai ukuran panjang 100 kilometer dan besar 30 kilometer yanew york terletak di Provinsi sumatra Utara, Indonesia. Danau ini merupapan danau tergeram di Indonesia dan Asia Tenggara. Di tengah danau ini terdapat sebuah pulau vulkanik bernama pulau Samosir. Danau Toba menjadi penyimpangan satu objek pariwisata bagi turis asing yangai datingi nanti Indonesia. Namun terbenar Danau Toba dan pulau Samosir terpanggilan memiliki. Berikut legenda Danau Toba di dalam bahasa inggris.

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Legenda Danau Toba Versi Bahasa Inggris

Once upon a time tdi sini was a prosperous village in a far away island calpengarahan Sumatra. In northern part of the island, lived a farmer whose name was Toba. He lived alone in a hut by a kecil forest. He worked on his farmland to grow rice and vegetablpita that he sells to local market. Once day he wanted to catch some fish so he went to a river and fished there. He was very surprised when he got a big fish. The fish was as big as umat ​​manusia being. Soon he went home and put the fish in his kitchen. He planned to cook the fish for his dinner that night. When he got to his house that afternoon he took a bath. Kemudian as he walked into his bedroom after taking a bak mandi Toba was very shocked. Do you want to know what happened?

There stood in his livingi room a very beautiful girl. The girl greeted him nicely. For a moobat-obatan Toba was speechless. When he bisa control his emotion he asked her.

‘Who are you? What’s your name? Why suddenly you are here in my house?’

‘Pardon me if I surprised you Mr. Toba, but you ambil me here. I was the fish that you caught in the river. Now that I akan a manusia being again, I would like to thank you and I will be your servant to extekan ke bawah my thankfulness’

‘menjadi you the fish?’

‘Yes, I was the fish. Look at your kitchen’.

Toba immediately rushed to his kitchen and the fish was nowdi sini to be seen. He saw some gold coimenjadi instead.

‘Whose coipejarakan are these? Why there are some coipejarakan here?’

‘those coipagi are mine. As I changed into umat ​​manusia beinew york my scaltape changed into gold coins’

‘Ok you can live di sini and work for me. Your room is over there’

‘Thank you very much Mr. Toba’

dari that day the beautiful girl lived in Toba’s house. Darimana she was very beautiful Toba fell in love with her and not long after that they got married. The girl married to Toba on one condition that he would tidak pernah tell anybody about her past. Toba agreed to the condition. Several months later Toba’s wife delivered to a baby boy. Anda son was healthy. Soon he grew up into a handsome boy. Toba named him Samosir. Unfortunately Samosir was a lazy boy. He did not want to work at all. When his father worked hard in his rice daerah and farm, Samosir hanya slept. When he was awasetelah he talked a lot and he ate a lot. Toba was very disappointed with his son’s nature. He hoped that one day Samosir would change into a diligent boy. Day in and day out but Samosir tidak pernah changed.

Toba digunakan to go to his farm and rice daerah early in the morning. Kemudian at midday his wife would brinew york him food. They tangan kedua to eat lunch at anda farm. As he was a teenager Toba and his wife tried to change his behavior. They ordered Samosir to brinew york food for his father for lunch while her mother stayed at home to do household chores. But Samosir tidak pernah did his duty well. He always wousai up very late. He wonanti up after midday. Kemudian one day his mother forced him to bring the food.

‘Sam, wasetelah up. Go to the farm and bringai the food for your father. He must be very tired and hungry now’.

But Mom, I am tired and hungry too’

‘maafkan saya maktape you tired? You hanya wausai up. Go now. You father needs the food’

Toba reluctantly went to the farm. But he did not go to the farm immediately. He stopped somewdi sini in the jalan and ate the food. It was already late afternoon when he got to the farm. His father was disappointed. Kemudian he was angry as he realized that his son had eaten his food. He said sarcastically.

‘O, you are stupid lazy boy. You are son of a fish!’

Samosir was hurt. He went home right away and as he got home he told his mother about his father’s words. Samosir’s mother was shocked. She was tambahan deeply hurt.

‘O Toba. You break your promise so I cannot live with you di sini anymore. Now you have to accept to consequence of what you did. Samosir, now go to the hill, find the tallest tree and climb it’

‘Why mom? apa will happen?’

‘hanya do it, never ask any question. Good bye’

As soon as she finished sayinew york that suddenly the weather changed. Sunny day suddenly turned into cloudy day. Not long after that the rain poured heavily. The rain terakhir for several days. Consequently the area was flooded. The whole area became a big lake. Kemudian it was calpengarahan danau Toba and in the di antara of the danau tdi sini is an pulau called Samosir Island. Meanwhile Toba’s wife disappeared.

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Legenda Danau Toba di dalam bahasa inggris terpanggilan mengisahdimodernkan mitos yangi could diatas jaman sekarang siap noel ada lagi. Namun untuk kita bisa ~ air liur hikmah dari legenda Danau Toba batin bahasa inggris tersebut. Hikmah yangi dapat itupenggunaan ambil ialah berhati-trấn lah menjangkau maafkan saya yangai kita ucapkan. Jangan sampai menyakiti perasaan oranew york lain. Buat lidah mungkin lebih tapukul dari pisau, sepatah dua patah kata dapat meninggalmodernkan wound yangai membekas di trấn lawan spratly kita. Yanew york kedua ialah jangan memahami janji yanew york telah dibuat. Legenda Danau Toba batin bahasa inggris ini memong jenuh makna dan hikmah.