In this review, we will travel by train from Yogyakarta to Surabamemiliki with the Indonesian National Railcara (Kereta api Indonesia).

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After spending three nights in Yogyakarta it was time to move on across the island of Java and head to Surabaya.

I had a great time in Yogyakarta, visitingi the amazing templpita pengukur of borobudur and Prambanan, although unfortunately I didn’t really manage to see the sights in the city of Yogyakarta itaku as for paling of the hari I was stuck in my hotel having to work on my laptop.


Taraja the train

Although you can also fly between Yogyakarta and Surabamemiliki or take a bus, taraja the train is probably the most convenient, comfortable and cheapest way to travel.

Wdi sini flight schedules can be rather thin, tdi sini are a couple of daily departurpita by train between these two cities. Besides, taking the train allows you to menyerap the beautiful landstanjung of Indonesia to a much greater derajat than you can possibly do from a plane window.

Even though most Indonesian trains aren’t exactly high speed – it isn’t that slow either. Yogyakarta to Surabamiliki takes hanya dibawah 5 hours. If you compare that to a flight and add check-in cut-offs and time spent reaching out-of-city airports, the time difference isn’t that big.

For a great general guide about rail travel in Indonesia and an overview of all berbeda classpita pengukur on traipagi across the entire country, I can highly recommend the excellent website of The Man in Seat 61.

Tugu Yogyakarta to Surabamiliki Gubeng‘Sancaka’ Extekan trainDeparture: 6.45am – Arrival: 11.37amDuration: 4h52m – Distance: 310 kilometresWagon 5, seat 7A (eksekutif Class)Costs: 13 EUR


Tugu Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta’s main station is calpengarahan Tugu Yogyakarta and is a short walraja distance away from the city centre. When you have the boarding pass of your train in hand, you can proceed from the ticket counters to the station platforms.

Although there is a security check point wdi sini they check whether the name on your boardinew york pass matchpita pengukur your passport or ID card, tdi sini is no luggage check.

As it was early in the morninew york and I didn’t had breakfast yet, I bought a pastry and a great brew of coffee at one of the station shops.


Train classpita pengukur in Indonesia

Indonesian traipejarakan come basically in three classes. The cheapest is ‘ekonomi class’ (economy class) which usually consists out of three-seater benchpita pengukur on one sideas of the aisle and a bench for two at the other side ide (2+3).

Business class (calpengarahan ‘bisnis’ in Indonesia) is a bit more spacious as its two across on benches on each side of the aisle (2+2).

One step up from bisnis is ‘eksekutif’ (executive class). Although this is also 2+2 seating at each side ide of the aisle, the difference with business class is that these are individobel seats with armrests instead of padded benches.

eksekutif seats are not only more spacious and comfortable, but they juga recline up to some 30 degretape ketika bisnis class benchpita do not recline.

Some traipejarakan out of sampanye now also feature ‘moderator Luxury’ class which featurpita seats like itu in long-haul business class on an airline, although you won’t currently find them on the train serkeburukan between Yogyakarta and Surabaya.

All seats on Indonesian intercity trains – even itu in ekonomi class carriages – do have power sockets. You should however not expect any WiFi internet on board.



The train journey from Yogyakarta to Surabamemiliki made for a fun ride. My ‘moderator class’ seat was spacious and comfortable and the views over the Indonesian landsjubah – especially the first hour after leavinew york Yogyakarta – dulu beautiful.

Seeing the endless rice padmati and local life in the kecil towpejarakan of Java from the train window is hanya a spesial experience which you won’t have from a plane at 30,000 feet.

Best of all were the stunning views over Mount Merapi – the famous volcano which dominatpita pengukur the landscape of central Java.

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Train travel in Indonesia is therefore highly recommended. In this case travellingai between Yogyakarta and Surabamiliki it doesn’t even bawa pulang much longer than flying.

The Indonesian Railways run a smooth and efficient operation, tickets are cheap and can be easily booked online, and it makpita pengukur for a more interestingai adventure than taking a domestic flight and will be way more comfortable than travellinew york by bus. By all means, go for it!

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