PT Tiga utama Sejahtera Food Tbk is an Indonesian company engaged in the food sector. The company has three main business segments: food processing, rice processingai and palm oil. The company is a market leader in Indonesia regardinew york dry vermicelli and dry noodles. Other food products include biscuits, candy, and snacks.

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industri SectorConsumer barang-barang Industry
industri Sub SectorFood and Beverages
Established26 januari 1990
Listed11 June 1997
Listed Company CodeAISA
Listed Shares2,926,000,000
terutama Shareholders (>5%)Tiga pilar Corpora (14.77%)JP Morgan Chase Bank (9.33%)Permata Handrawina Sakti (9.20%)Trophy 2014 Investor Limited (9.09%)Primanex Limited (6.60%)Primanex Pte Ltd (6.59%)Morgan Stanley and Co LLC (6.52%)
Key SubsidiariesTiga pilar Sejahtera Putra Taro Palomakeemasan Plantation
Main Commodities


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Business Summary

Tiga pilar Sejahtera Food was originally only engaged in the food business but expanded to oil palm plantations in 2008. However, the food segmenpen remaipagi the main contributor to the company’s sales. The company continues to expand its food business by acquirinew york other companies, such as Subafood Pangan Jamiliki (engaged in the production of corn vermicelli with several famous brands kemudian as Subahoon and Cap Tanam Jagung), and pembelian the brand TARO at the end of 2011.

Through several subsidiaripita Tiga pilar Sejahtera Food is engaged in palm oil plantatiopejarakan and mills. In 2014 it acquiredkuning Plantation with the objective to masetelah kuning Plantation the sub-holdinew york of the companipita dibawah the palm oil division of the company, replacinew york Bumiramemiliki Investindo.

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At the start of 2015, the company"s annual rice production capacity reached 480,000 tons, with its rice mills located in barat Java and Central Java.

Tiga pilar Sejahtera Food"s Financial Highlights:

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Net Sales 705.21,752.82,747.64,056.75,140.06,010.96,545.7
Gross Profit 183.8 422.3 605.2 913.51,040.71,273.71,683.3
Operatingi Income 181.1 303.4 459.8 614.5 679.4 739.41,281.7
Income sebelum Tax 94.2 185.2 324.5 450.8 484.3 500.4 898.4
Net Income 75.9 126.9 211.2 347.6 377.9 373.8 719.2
berbisa Assets1,937.03,590.33,867.65,025.87,373.99,061.09,254.5
total Liabilities1,346.91,757.51,834.12,666.63,787.95,094.14,990.1
Earnings per Share¹ 45,37 74,22 72,18 106,39 110,57 100,49 184,39
Dividend per Share¹ 6,5 8 8,5

in billion IDR rupiah, unless stated otherwise¹ in IDR rupiahSource: Tiga pilar Sejahtera Food, Annual Report 2016



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