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Thank you.My name is Andreas Prasadja.RPSGT (Registered Polysomnographic Technologist)maafkan saya is that? Peepingi sleeper.That`s a derajat where I am certified to peep rakyat sleepinew york anywhere in the world.Frankly, I`ve forgotten how to use a stethoscope. I`ve forgotten how to check up on patients when they`re awake.I only check up on patients when they`re asleep.Because by looraja at their sleeping pattern, I know dari mereka diberkatilah anda conditions.Productive sleep and healthy body, this is a topic I usually present to other doctors.But it`s a bit long, it should`ve been “sleep science in 20 minutes”.But I`ll try to shorten it.Everyone kenal apa this is right?Yes, an alarm.But setiap orang rarely use this anymore, now they use cellphontape instead.paling of you probably use an alarm every morninew york to wake up, am I right?If the answer is yes, that meapagi your sleepingi is unhealthy. CongratsBecause your sleep is interrupted. Your body`s needs that should`ve been still asleep is interrupted by this alarm.Tdi sini was a sayinew york “sleep is the keemasan chaimenjadi that tipita our kesehatan and tubuh manusia together” from the 16th century.From the 16th century, and setiap orang still believed that sleep is the most important thingai for a person`a health.This is our enemy in sleep science.Alva Edison. Inventor of light bulbs.I`ll tell a little story. A research by Thomas Wehr in the 80`s.Researchingi about how longi people need to sleep everyday.He observed a US Navy. After aktivitas the sailor would be ask to come into a room without any artificial lights.For days, linanti a week to 10 days, they`d fall asleep for 10 hours.We pikiran they were maraja up for the lost time because the lanjut aku they only slept for 7.5 --> 8.5 hours.From this remencari we know that humapejarakan need 8 hours of sleep.But maafkan saya the meitu forgot to cover was the pattern.It turpagi out the momenpen the sun sets, paling of them would be sleepy and fall asleep.For approximately 4 hours, then wake up at midnight, kemudian do kerja linanti cook etc for linanti 2 hours.kemudian they`d fall asleep again till dawn.So normally, that`s how we cut out to be. And normally we fall asleep at 7pm.So imagine, ever darimana light bulbs were invented, orang that dulu unable to work in the darkness now can do so.Work that usually done at 3, now done at 6,And because tdi sini is lighting, it can be done in the night too. And eventually it`s lisetelah now, 24 hours.We live in the 24hours era.Where, forget hospitals or police stations, even food stalls open for 24 hours.Tdi sini is a food stall in Kemayoran that I love, and it opens 24 hours. Imagine.Especially in this economy. Money tidak pernah sleeps.If we counted, 8 hours of sleep, approximately 36% of our lives spent on sleeping.If sleeping is useless, you`ll have to blame God.Because He is the one who created us to waste timeBut is it a waste of time? No.Why we sleep? Restoration, to restore the brain`s functions.Energy conversation, and of course, health.Now the health paradigm.When Indonesian patients come to me, or when they come to a doctor for health problem,the thingai that they`d all ask is maafkan saya should I eat? or apa shouldn`t I eat? Or maafkan saya sports I should untuk mengambil upon?But now there`s a kesehatan paradigm we call Triumvikecepatan of Health.So, to reach optimal health, we need all 3.Nutritional balance, exercise, and sleep.Without sleep health, everythingai else is a waste. Too much exercise actually would be a kesehatan problem without sleep.For example, tdi sini is our retemukan in England,There were 2 triathlettape who had heart attack when exercisingThen, 90% of retired NFL (American Football) have heart problems. Why?Snorers.And many orang failed to lose weight, even after diets and exercisesWhy? Because lack of sleep.If you want skinny, you need to have enough sleep.My question is easy, apa time nasi goreng stalls are open?Are tdi sini any people buyingi in the middle of the day? No, because of sleepiness.Sleepy people, sleepy brain automatically will crave for substance sweet, salty and tasty.So, you want to be healthy? Skinny? Sleep. Easy, right?Now these are complicatiopejarakan of insomnia. Well not hanya insomnia, but all sleepingi problems.Psychological. You can read here, poor immune systemHuman`s imun system only work optimally when asleep.A remencari in England on a woman who`s skinny, healthy, and exercispita a lot, good nutrition,But the sleep activity is less than 7 hours, has the risk of breast cancer to 47%. That`s a lot.Overweight, high blood pressure, heart problems, and risk of diabetes.All sleepingai problemsThe problem is, sleep science`s enemy is not insomnia, but sleepiness.How`s sleepy people? Yawning, fallinew york asleep? No.Startingi by decreased concentration, clumsy, absent-minded, that`s the tanda of sleepy.maafkan saya do modernis rakyat mencari for when they`re sleepy?Exactly. Caffeine, energy drink, that`s maafkan saya they`re looraja for.Is tdi sini anyone who thinks terakhir night my sleep was lacking? No.If linanti that, can they be productive?In our opinion, to keep a healthy sleep is a smart move to increase productivity.just imagine if you keep having to work till late at night to meet deadline, is it good for you?No, it`s not. Better to sleep and wananti up in the morning to work on it.Because on when asleep your brain`s performance is maintained.Only when asleep.I`ve chatted with paling of my patients, it`s not because they have problems and are ditekankan that they can`t sleep, it`s the other way aroundBecause of their sleeping problems they menjadi stressed.In the afternoon already thinking, can I sleep tonight?And the anxiety builds up till night and makpita them can`t sleep.That`s maafkan saya we call bed fever.This is from American Psychological Association in 2014,paling rakyat can`t sleep.Our society today is a society that is a stimulant addict.The paling legal stimulants now are caffeine and nicotineAnd with sleepingai problems, the consumption is increasing.And difficult, as few my patients admitted, to quit because they`re sleepy.After the sleepingai is healthy, only then it is easier for them to quit.Drowsy driving, I need to emphasize, drivinew york in sleepy condition is as dangerous as dibawah influenceIf not even dangerous. It`s not the fallinew york asleep that`s dangerous, even feeling sleepy is already dangerousBecause the concentration and reflexes are already compromisedIt`s close to mudik (goingi home) season, this is very important.Safety, that`s mageri one. Caused by human negligenceSo, it`s more dangerous why? Because when you`re drivingi and starting to feel sleepy,“Ah, I can still hold it... Hanya a little bit more. Starbucks is only 1-2km away.”But less than 1 km there`s somethingai that makpita you hit the brake. Dangerous right.Now we look at this data from 2011The caustape of accidents when mudik, 449 is because unsuitable vehicles387 unsuitable roadsAnd for drowsy driving is 10180. Amazing.2013Beauty sleep is too--> it`s lisetelah this, the result of the paling visible sleep deprivation is on the skinBecause sleep deprivation increases inflammatory cells, increased inflammatory cells go to skin.Wdi sini do the rest go? disorders of the blood vessels, immune system, etc.That`s why tdi sini is a night cream. Use night cream at night because it works when you`re asleep.Now this is a remencari from British Medical Journal, very simple,Comparingi someone when they have enough sleep and when they have sleep deprivationSo there`s 60 respondents asked to choose between the picturesWhich is more attractive, 100% chose the one with enough sleep.So, if you`re still single, get enough sleep please.If you want to see if your sleep is healthy, don`t look at the duration but it`s more simple,Do you need an alarm? Do you need caffeine or energy drink?A lot of setiap orang from our society needs caffeine only to function duringi the day.At the office if you want to see if someone is a healthy sleeper it`s easy, hanya see if they`re friendly with the office boyIf they are, maybe they`re sleep deprived. Keep asraja the office boy to mausai them coffee.Short-tempered, bad concentration, stressed.Accidents, and low sex drive.Yes, sleep deprivation will cause decreased libidoIs there a sleep center? Actually no.These are sleep stages, divided to rem (Rapid Eye Movement) and non-REMI want to emphasize REM, because our brain ability, ability to concentrate, cognitive, mental and emotional stability,all build in sleep stage 1, or dream stageSo, maafkan saya keeps us sane is sleep stage dreamEvery person, every human, will have a dream 4-->6 timpita every night.Only no guarantepita if we`ll rememberIt`s okay if we don`t. But usually we`ll remember if it has meanings.If we meet our ex in our dream, wasetelah up smiling means we remember. But if the dream is random we probably won`t.So this becomtape important. And for men, erectile ability is trained duringi sleepWhen I was in Sydney, I usually put the censor in a man`s penis. But don`t worry, we don`t do that in Indonesia.Now, this I love seeinew york this. So, every day I see this.This is apa we panggilan sleep architecture or a hypnogramWe see di sini that the older we get, the hours of sleep more or less the same, but with more wakes.Adults no, and children is deeper.If we look here, menggantungkan sleep is tambahan a lot, for children and the older they get it decreases, that`s why tdi sini is dementia, etcEvery kesuksesan story starts with a dream. Literally.Because again, our brain ability is built in the dream of sleep stages.Now, the sigpejarakan of- actually, we don`t call it sleep disorder anymore, we call it sleep illness.The sigpejarakan are, difficulty to fall asleep, and excessive sleepiness, and abkesatuan movements/vocalization in sleep.There are a lot of symptoms of sleep illness, but the main ontape are these.Difficulty to fall asleep, insomnia, everyone untuk mengetahui this.then abtangga movements or vocalization in sleep falls into the category of apa we panggilan parasomnia.then excessive sleepiness is what we call hypersomnia.Insomnia everyone already knows.This is the examination, to write it all down.So, don`t think doctors look into your brain to find why you can`t sleep. No, we just ask you to write it down.Insomnia is not only stress, tdi sini are a lot more. Few of them are delayed sleep phase, advanced sleep phase,All that fall into the category biological rhythm disturbanceUsually at this age, mid 20s, setiap orang have insomnia delayed sleep phase,It`s not lisetelah they can`t sleep, they can but with odd hours, 3 am, 4 amIt can`t be `cured` with sleepingai pills, but we adhanya it bagian belakang with cognitive behavior therapy, with bright light therapy.Because now we have light 24 hours, this is maafkan saya we need to adjust.Parasomnia, absekutunya movements or vocalization, sleepwalking, sleep talking, now sleep textingSleep pretend selfie too, but they`re not actually sleeping.Now tdi sini a lot of sleep texting, because our way of communicatinew york has shifted from lisan to textingThat makpita pengukur it a lot of sleep textingIf it happepagi to us, I think we`d see it as kinda funnyBut imagine, a friend of mine, worraja as an EO,One day, he fell asleep at 5am, sebelum fallinew york asleep he`s still texting, and he accidentally sent an angry text to his boss.Now hypersomnia, excessive sleepiness, this is what`s still beingai ignored in Indonesia unfortunatelyBecause now access to caffeine and energy drinks are easy, it`s everywhere.When this is actually the most dangerous.Snoring, for example, snoringi for hearth kesehatan is more risky than high cholesterol.More risky than smoking habitSnoringai is far riskier.You`ve seen people snoring, right?That`s fine. But look if there`s like this (fasetelah snores)Have you seen liusai that? Do you know what happens? Stop breathingai while asleep, we panggilan it sleep apneaOur research in Indonesia, in Jakarta, 20% of the population suffer from thisThe symptoms are snoring, hypersomnia or excessive sleepinessSo once again, snoringai is dangerous for safety, healthy, productivity, life qualitySafety, in developed countritape snorer can`t drive, milik mereka license must be revokedDoctors who do not recommend revoraja anda licenspita pengukur is malpracticeAnd for health, sleep apnea is the cause of hypertension, diabetes, all kind of hearth problems, strokeDepression, even death. There are a lot of caspita wdi sini orang died in anda sleep.what do we know? That they have a heart attack. True,But the only thinew york that triggers heart attack when asleep is sleep apnea. Snoring.And there`s one int`l retemukan about stroke,Do you know wdi sini heart attack tends to happen? Anyone know?Where? Bathroom, yes.But it`s not because of the bathroom itself, more liusai WHENWhen we hanya wonanti up, at midnight, at dawn,because human oxygen levels are low, some hormonpita are up and down. That becompita the main factors.Someone who suffers sleep apnea definitely have low tingkat oxygenSleep apnea causpita pengukur heart problems.Now we see di sini saluran pernafasan tract, when asleep our tongue falls and it becompita tightand so the pressure in this area is high causing this area to vibperbandingan which resulted in snoring.Snorinew york is fine because the air still goes through.Now if it compita to this, hampered, but the breathinew york moveobat-obatan is still thereNow imagine, if the breathing movemenpen is still tdi sini and the tract is blocked, the pressure in chest will go highHigh pressure in the chest will tighten heart. The heart will work very slowly.well, if you`re awananti it won`t be detected- but when you`re asleep you`ll see that the heart is rougher than normalThese are variety of research, the numbers are extraordinaryAnd these are the data from the 90`s and 2000s, now it`s even moreLiusai hypertension, 45%.kemudian drug resistance hypertension is hypertension that melakukan not work with treatmenpen and still has elevated blood pressureAll of that is caused by sleep apnea.Now this, doctors must know about this docuobat-obatan JNC 7, now it has till 8Now if the patient has hypertension, doctors must do these steps.Now we see, risk factor. Risk factor from illness, lack of exercise, overweight, diabetes, smoking,We look here, hypertension is numberi 1This is from 2003This is my work. Polysomnography. In lab sleep analysisNo it`s not lisetelah this.It`s more like thisSo I ask the patient to stay overnight in a sleepingi lab, affixed to various sensors, recorded, kemudian the lanjut day I read iNow the new developobat-obatan is the machine is portable for particular conditions, not all conditionsPatient can bawa pulang home the machine, put it on themselves, sleep, and in the morninew york untuk mengambil it kembali to me so I can analyzeNow this is what`s fun for me to read. Usually I show this to doctorsTreatmenpen for sleep apnea can be by CPAP, dental appliances or surgeryThis is an example for CPAP. Sleep, most important thingi is to be comfortable. We can`t sleep if uncomfortablePatients come to me asraja what kind of bed or pillows to take. Well, hanya whatever you feel comfortable to. It depends on you.Coolness, it depends on the person too.The light must be dim. Because melatonin is only released by the brain in the darkSo we have to sleep in the dark, not too dark.Sleep ritual, sepakecepatan sleep environment usually if you have children best to sleep separately.Sleep schedule, know your biological schedule, what time you better sleepIf the biological clock is past midnight, so be it.

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Do not push youraku to sleep at 9 or 10But wake up late, okay?Don`t wananti up too earlyCaffeine consumption 9 to 15 hours sebelum bedtimeBecause caffeine works for about 12 hours in our brainSo maafkan saya if we bawa pulang coffee in the afternoon? Sure, if you don`t want to fall asleep.Alright. Okay, thank you.