Safety Reminders

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10 Commandments of Lineman SafetyAccident Illness & cedera Summary for 2005
ASTM Rubber ChartBusy Time of tahun Stay Safe
dot & Speed LimitsRubber Glove Testinew york Info
Holiday SafetyIf Its NOT grounded, Its NOT DEAD
In-daerah Rubber Glove Careminimal Approach Distances
permainan Hard but permainan SafePreventingai dingin Stress Injuries
Protectinew york Your Eypita and SeatbeltsSafe Backing Procedures and Accident
Safety Reminder & PP&ESeatbelt Myths
Storm 2006 Safety MemoWhy Buckle Up?
Winter DrivingWinter Safety and dingin Stress Prevention

Foreman Documents:

Company Electronic Microsoft Excel TimesheetCompany Electronic Adobe PDF Timesheet
Company Electronic Excel Tailgate Meetingi FormCompany Electronic PDF Tailgate Form
Do Not Opekecepatan TagOne Shot Hold Tag
Outage Door Note

The best safety and health programs involve every kadarnya of the organization instillingi a safety culture that reducpita accidents for workers. When Safety and health are part of the organization and a way of life, everyone wins.An effective safety and kesehatan program maktape all the difference in preventingai injuripita pengukur and illnesstape in the workplace. The result is lower accident-related costs. Other benefits include reduced absenteeism, lower turnover, higher productivity, and improved employee morale. And it’s the right thinew york to do.Our goal is a solid commitmenpen to safety by implementingi a safety and kesehatan program that benchmarks the power line construction industry.We recognize that our daily operatiomenjadi involve variasi hazards. We tambahan believe accidents and risks can be greatly reduced if everyone understands and follows safe work practices.We have an aggressive on site random drug testingai program that meets both state, persatuan and dot guidelinpita that is implemented quarterly.We promote safety in the workplace at all levels through an environmenpen of teamwork, trust, pendidikan and training. Based on measurable criteria, Red batu Power has established an enviable standard of safety excellence in the power line construction industry. Everyone in our company has a suara in safety through our “bruto work force” safety committee.We are proud of our accomplishments in the area of safety and health. We have made a bold commitment to a higher standard. We strive for zero accidents, reinforcinew york our company’s commitmenpen to safety as our forepaling priority.For our clients, Red batu Power’s tradition of safety meapagi lower insurance rates, better morale and lebih besar productivity.The single paling important factor in the prevention of accidents is a positive attitude toward safety.A positive attitude toward safety makpita a safer work crew.

Red rock Power, Inc.

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Safety & Traininew york ManagerLoren Skoyen – lskoyen


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Odds of Dyinew york in an Accident

All Accidents: 1 in 36Motor vehicle accident: 1 in 81Falling: 1 in 36Skin Cancer: 1 in 501Drowning: 1 in 889Electric current: 1 in 6,430Lightning: 1 in 55,928Explosive gases: 1 in 58,724Hornets, wasps and bees: 1 in 76,597Fireworks: 1 in 271,034Snakes, lizards and spiders: 704,688

Sources: National Safety Council, National Center for diberkatilah anda Statistics, U.S. Census kantor and the American Cancer Society