I use Google Remote Desktop usingi the Chrome web application to connect to a remote server.

Problem: I am unable to copy and paste host to remote server. How to enable it?



On the right side ide of Chrome Remote Desktop, the kecil blue arrow has Keypapan controls and its submenu has the option to enable the clipboard.

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Screenshots illustratingai sunil shakya"s answer:

Step 1: Open Keyboard Controls menu on Google Remote Desktop

Step 2: Enable clippapan synchronization:




Chrome Remote Desktop can do it all. It will do the copy/paste keypapan shortcuts via the usual CTRL-C CTRL V.


took me a kapan to check how to copy-paste from Windows into a Mac via Google Remote Desktop.

Open the Session options via the arrow, select Configure key mappings and map:

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Wdi sini can I access the Keyboard Controls menu on Google Remote Desktop (Windows 7 guest, Windows 10 host)?
Wdi sini can I access the Keypapan Controls menu on Google Remote Desktop (Windows 7 guest, Windows 10 host)?
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