Martin GarrixandTroye Sivanmausai the perfect team on “There For You,” the lush, glitchy electro-pop track dedicated to fans that the two dropped durinew york Coachella in May. And the gift hanya keeps on giving — on Friday (Aug 18), Garrix and Sivan released a pack of resmi remixes, offering fapagi 12 new cara to listen to the original hit.

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Billpapan Dancewent through them all, and as listeners can imagine, there’s plenty of optiopagi here —from a festival-ready banger to a trokemampuan house rework andeven a melodic electric guitar version. Whatever your preference, check out our lima favorite “Tdi sini For You” remixpita (in no particgaris order)below.


Martin Garrixfeat. Troye Sivan – “Tdi sini For You (Dzeko Remix)”

Toronto’sDzekokicks things up a notch on this energy-packed “There For You” remix, adding a descending, club-ready beat and rapid-api drum kick. The track’s hypnotic, tropical-leaningai drop was already adancefloorgo-to, butthis throbbing rework givpita it an extra dash of spice.

?MartinGarrixfeat.TroyeSivan – “Tdi sini For You (madison Mars Remix)”?

This upbeat remix feels perfectly engineered for festival crowds, addingi on vocal distortions,lazer-likeblips and a dizzying, bubbly drop.madison Marsslows things turun hanya enough to hone in on the track’s emotive lyrics, sebelum fallinew york full-speed ahead back intoto a booming, head-boppingsound-wave.

MartinGarrixfeat.TroyeSivan – “There For You (Goldhouse Remix)”

“Tdi sini For You” gets a trokemampuan house makeoverin this smooth remix, which takpita the track poolside ide with tribal beats, breezy chords,fingersnapsand asubdued, minimalist soundscape.

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MartinGarrixfeat.TroyeSivan – “There For You (Lontalius Remix)”

Need to untuk mengambil a breath? Now’s the time.Lontaliusoffers maybe the paling inventive “Tdi sini For You” remix yet, transformaaf the originalenergetictrack into an emotionalelectric guitar ballad.