A shocking revelation washed over Tae Oh and Da Kyung"s family in the first part of the 6th ilustrasi ofThe dunia of The Married. Sun Woo decided to push through with the divorce and informed Tae Oh that he will tidak pernah see his son ever again.

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Da Kyung saw Tae Oh in their garage, sittingi dibawah and smoking, dazed about maafkan saya happened. She approached Tae Oh and asked if anda relationship was because he was after her father"s money. Tae Oh denied and insisted that he works hard to show her father his projects. Da Kyunew york told Tae Oh to stop smoraja in front of her darimana it will affect the baby"s health. Tae Oh"s face lit, realized that Da Kyunew york didn"t choose to abort their child.

Da Kyunew york gave up everything for milik mereka relationship to continue and have the baby at the same time. Tae Oh embraced Da Kyung and thanked her for acceptingai him again.

Sun Woo arrived at her house. Joon Youngai asked wdi sini his father was. Sun Woo explained that Tae Oh won"t come home anymore.

Da Kyunew york returned to her apartment with Tae Oh. They agreed to mulai their livtape together. The lanjut morning, their doorbell ranew york and Tae Oh opened the door. A big suitcase and a divorce paper dulu delivered at dari mereka doorstep. Tae Oh called Sun Woo and told her he won"t gejala the papers. Sun Woo exposed what she knew about his employees. They did not receive their salary for a month and agreed to tanda petition papers against Tae Oh"s company. She planned to use anda petitiomenjadi as a support to the divorce paper.

Park In Gyu looked for his girlfriend in the batangan and at home. Hyun Seo disappeared after she received her payobat-obatan and medical certificatpita pengukur from Sun Woo. Tdi sini is no need for her to watch over Da Kyunew york darimana Sun Woo ended it already with Tae Oh. Despeperbandingan to get money from Sun Woo, she approached Tae Oh and Da Kyungai at the apartment"s parraja area. Park In Gyu reveadisutradarai to the couple that Sun Woo tangan kedua Hyun Seo to spy on them.

On her way to the office, Sun Woo saw the orang react strange when they met her. She asked the nurse if somethingai happened. Myungi Sook approached her and told her to check the hospital website. Sun Woo settmemerintah in her clinic and opened the website of the hospital. Bad comments, complaints about her profession spread throughout the site and other masyarakat medialah platforms.

Je Hyuk returned home and Ye Rim, without a word, went to their bedroom. Je Hyuk asked his wife if she wants a divorce. He will tolong process it for her due to what he did. Ye Rim decided to keep dari mereka marriage despite his affair. She didn"t have anythinew york to do and she wouldn"t receive any money from her parents. Je Hyuk agreed to save dari mereka marriage but will not allow them to have a baby.

The director of the hospital calmemerintah Sun Woo to report to his office. When she got it, Park In Gyu and Tae Oh are seated on the sofa. The director was furious to ask if Sun Woo tangan kedua her clients to her advantage. Sun Woo disagreed with his statement. Park In Gyu stood up and went out of the office. Tae Oh stood up and lanjutan talking about Sun Woo"s sungkyung health. He shared that Sun Woo"s parents died due to an accident. Her mother-in-law was depressed when she found out that her huspita cheated on her. Tae Oh suggested for Sun Woo to bawa pulang a psychological evaluation.

Sun Woo slapped Tae Oh and told him that he will tidak pernah get his way. She rushed to the parking lot and started her car. She went to Joon Young"s school and picked him up. They continued to drive outsideas the city kapan Tae Oh lost them alongi the way. Joon Youngi tried to snatch her mother"s phone to panggilan his father. Sun Woo grabbed the phone from Joon Young"s hand and they alpaling got into an accident. Sun Woo stopped the car and aku mengambilnya the phone from Joon Young.

Tae Oh contacted the police to help him tgyeongju Joon Young. They only found Joon Young"s mobile phone alongai the road but no trace of Sun Woo"s car.

Sun Woo telah mengambil her son to a quiet cliff overlooraja the ocean. She stepped outsideas the car and asked Joon Youngi to go out and talk to her. Sun Woo explained to Joon Youngi that she will push through with the divorce as his father cheated on them. Joon Youngai chose to stay with Tae Oh and wants to keep milik mereka family. Sun Woo convinced him that Tae Oh will have another child from his mistress. Joon Youngai cried and asked her to forgive his father.

Tae Oh was despeperbandingan to know wdi sini Joon Youngai was. Sun Woo caldisutradarai him and asked him to return to their house to talk. When he arrived, he looked for Joon Youngi around milik mereka house but he was not there. Sun Woo started to boil up Tae Oh with her words, telling him that dari mereka family was ruined by his affairs. She added that Tae Oh will no longer see Joon Youngi ever and that she would do anything to mananti Tae Oh suffer.

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She provoked him to get mad and grab her neck with anger. Tae Oh threw her into the TV stand, hittingai her head hard. Lying on the floor half-conscious, she tried to stand and pull away from Tae Oh. He reached again, grabbed her and pushed her head against anda wedding portrait. Tae Oh strangdisutradarai her again and punched the frame hard. Sun Woo, for the second time, fell on the floor with blood all over her face.