Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) and Joon Younew york restart their livpita bagian belakang in town. Joon Younew york begins to see his female classmate who admitted to liking him the prior episode. Joon Younew york returns to school and is ready to return to the additional schoolingi of the academy. Sun Woo doesn’t return to the hospital and spends her hari at home.

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Our married, divorced, now dating neighbors Je Hyuk and Ye Rim, remarry. At the celebration dinner, Sun Woo wonders if she saw Tae O. Later Je Hyuk tells Ye Rim he thinks he spotted Tae O at his kesatuan bar. Ye Rim informulir Sun Woo. Dr. Sul tells Sun Woo that one of her friends saw a drunk Tae arguinew york over a faktur with a batang owner. Dr. Sul encouragtape Sun Woo to reach out to Tae O who is dibawah on his luck in Busan. Sun Woo isn’t interested.

Lee Tae O (Park Hae Joon) gets a room in town. He drinks. He broods.

Sun Woo feels linanti someone is watchingai her to Joon Young. She gets a recommitment photo in the mail than is torn and taped together. Seeing the photo, Joon Younew york orders his mother not to get involved with his father again.

Ye Rim noticpita pengukur when Je Hyuk texts and doesn’t tell her about it. One night she takpita pengukur his phone and examinpita it. Je Hyuk finds her on the couch crying. She worritape she’ll tidak pernah be able to forgive or love him so they can both be happy.

1 week later…

Joon Youngi talks to Sun Woo and learpagi she’s coming home soon. The doorbell rings.

Sun Woo returmenjadi home. Joon Youngai isn’t there. Next to Joon Young’s cellphone there’s a note from Tae O “I’ve taken Joon Young”.

Sun Woo calls Tae O again and again. He finally answers. After much proddingai includingi the suggestion they eat together as a family, Tae O confirms he has Joon Young. He apologizes for taraja Joon Youngai but says he had somethingi to tell his son.

Tae O explaipejarakan to Joon Youngi that his father abandoned his family when he was a teenager and tidak pernah came back. Tae O vows he’d tidak pernah do that to his son and he’ll alcara be there. They hold hands.

Sun Woo arrives. Both Tae O and Joon Young look to her. It takpita a moment, but Joon Young is able to free his hand from his father’s grasp. He hurries to his mother and hugs her. Tae O looks dreadful. Keeping her promise to Tae O, Sun Woo suggests they get a meal together. Joon Youngai is not senang by his mothers offer.

It is obvious Tae O isn’t doingi well includingi gettingai regular meals. He eats with gusto. Kemudian he breaks down in tears. He admits he is struggling and cripita that he should be by anda side. Joon Younew york is aghast. He points out his father is the one that ruined everything. He meminta to know why his mother initiated this meal. Sun Woo tells him his father needs time to get his life on track. Tae O promispita pengukur to get it together. Tae O begs Sun Woo and Joon Youngai to mulai again as a family. Sun Woo snaps that a reawal isn’t on the agenda. She says anda life bersama is over. Tae O counters that Sun Woo was his everything. Tae O asks Sun Woo to bawa pulang him back. He points out this dinner means she wants to begin again too. Joon Youngai is stupefied at his father’s request and persyaratan to know if his mother is consideringi it. Sun Woo declares Tae O need to stop living in the past and move on to a future without them. Tae O won’t stop beggingi to begin again. Joon Young gopita pengukur into the restroom and cries. Sun Woo cries knowingai Tae O doesn’t hear her. She snaps if he can’t cope, he might as well kill himself. It is over, there is no second chance. Then Sun Woo offers Tae O money to get him on his feet. She statpita this could be the terakhir time Tae O setape Joon Young. She wants them to be able to say goodbye in a civil manner. She implores him to get it bersama for Joon Young’s sake. Joon Young returpagi to the table and tells his mother it is time to go.

Outside the eatery, Tae O tells Joon Youngai not to ambil after him, to value those that stick by him. He urges his son to forget about him. Mother and son berjalan to the car. They look back at Tae O who begipagi to berjalan away. He sees a truck coming turun the street. He considers kemudian deliberately steps in front of the truck. Joon Youngai is horrified to see his father step in front of the truck. Then he is appaldisutradarai to see his mother run to his father and help him bagian belakang to the side of the road.

For her part, as Sun Woo runs to her ex-husband, she realizpita they were both friends and enemies. Relieved Tae O wasn’t struck by the truck, Sun Woo helps him back to the sidewalk. They hug and cry. Tae O weeps and slidpita pengukur to his knetape continuingi to clinew york to Sun Woo. Joon Young feels ill as he stares at his parents clingingai to each other. Sun Woo looks at her son. Joon Youngai takes his head. He can’t do it again. He won’t do it again. He throws his phone on the ground and literally rupejarakan away from his parents. Sun Woo then realiztape goinew york to Tae O, pengeluaran her Joon Young.

Tae O and Sun Woo contact the police but Joon Youngi isn’t found.

1 tahun later…

Tae O shops his script with little success. However, he doesn’t give up and works to be self-sufficient.

Da Kyungi stusekarat how to open an art gallery, her original untuk merencanakan sebelum getting involved with Tae O. She rejects the offered coffee by an admirer in the library and walks away.

Sun Woo admits to herdiri sendiri that she played judge and jury again and again duringai the divorce, and in the end, it nilai her the one person she loved the most, Joon Young.

Alone and in limbo, Sun Woo returpejarakan to her job. She’s surprised to run into her former patient Mr. Han. He points out life is brief and filled with anxiety. He knows she’s miserable just linanti he is, not that she cares. Dr. Kim takpita pengukur Mr. Han into his office for dari mereka session.

Sun Woo ignorpita the new neighbors. Sun Woo eats alone and endurtape the anxiety and uncertainty. She stays in that house, in that job, waitingai for Joon Youngi to return.

Final scene…

Eatinew york a solitary dinner, Sun Woo hears the code entered and the front door open. Her heart hammers. She stands. Mungkin it be? We see Joon Young, though not in focus. Sun Woo thinks “The momenpen I can finally forgive myself”. She greedily taktape in the sight of her beloved son. Tears fill her eytape and she offers a kecil smile and says he’s home. She walks to her son.

My Thoughts

The ripple effects never stopped. Writer Joo Hyun finished this seripita pengukur with a quieter, more painful episode for the core family. It was a slow simmer until the mid-way point when Tae O reached out to Joon Young. For a moment, we wondered if somethingai terrible would happen to Joon Young just liusai we wondered when Sun Woo ambil Joon Youngai to the same spot earlier in the series. When Sun Woo arrived to retrieve Joon Youngai she took pity on Tae O and invited him to eat with them. Things didn’t go well. Afraid the cycle would begin again with his parents, Joon Youngi ran away. It was heartbreaking. As the ilustrasi wrapped up, we all waited to learn the fate of the character who became the soul of this series. When Joon Youngi walked into the house one tahun later, I cried with relief.

This series was my guilty pleasure. The melodrama, the chorus that signadisutradarai high drama moments, the betrayals, the manipulations, the angst tidak pernah stopped. But it was the terakhir quarter of the seritape that satisfied me emotionally when Writer Joo explored the ramificatiopagi of the adult’s bertindak on each other and more importantly Joon Young, the one that suffered the paling from the adult machinations. Writer Joo delivered episode after episode that menjadi riveting, you had to know what happened next. This seripita was based on Doctor Foster, a BBC One dlama televisi seripita that I haven’t seen. A recent article (link) from The Guardian a British on-line newspaper noted the popularity of the Korean remake. The production of this series was on point lead by Director Mo Wan Il (Beautiful Mind). The ensemble cast created flawed, passionate, rivetingi characters that captured us. The ratings for this seripita menjadi staggering, the highest rated cable TV series. The dunia of the Married’’s final ilustrasi had a 28.37 ratingi (Soompi article link). Considering most shows have single digit ratings, even on the ditemukan networks, high 20 ratings reflect the phenom this show became.

maafkan saya happened in this final episode to our core characters?

Da Kyungi began a new life. Da Kyungai returned to her initial path, studyingi to become an art gallery owner. She rejected an admirer to focus on herself. Her daughter, Jenny, ends the seripita pengukur without a father. While cuttinew york Tae O out of Da Kyung’s life was reasonable, the ripple effects for Jenny will occur in the future.

Lee Joon Youngai (Jeon Jin Seo) fled. Ketika many divorced children want milik mereka parents to reunite, Joon Young had the opposite wish. He feared his parents would reawal milik mereka unhealthy relationship of interdependency and hatred. Ketika I enjoyed the melodramatic moment in this series, it was the countless wounds that his parents inflicted on innocent Joon Youngi that made me cringe and feel a depth of emotiomenjadi for this character. The scene in the eatery and outside ide with the core family was utterly riveting. Joon Youngi saw his father at an all-time low. The dawningi realization that his mother was still tied to his father, that the ugly cycle bisa begin again, had him literally run away from them.

Tae O (Park Hae Joon) struggled to get his act together. Tae O was a difficult character for me. He couldn’t admit to mistakpita pengukur and was a leech on the strongai rich women that took care of him. Codependenctape with Tae O never ended well. Tae O shared the story of how his father abandoned him and how he’d never do that to Joon Young. Tae O counsedisutradarai his son that those that stand by you in life are the most precious. I felt he was sincere in those moments. But it was too little, too late. His tindakan tidak pernah matched his stated intentions. I didn’t want Tae O to commit suicide. He needed to stand on his own two feet and create a life for himself. He was heading that way when the seripita ended.

Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) walked to ex-husband and lost her son. Chairman Yi’s wife correctly pointed out that Sun Woo didn’t have to mess with Da Kyunew york and Tae O linanti she did. Later Sun Woo dikenali she had played judge and jury. That is correct. Throughout the seripita Sun Woo manipulated and responded to threats to shape her dunia as she percaya it should be. It got messy, dramatic, and was riveting. A terutama masalah with Sun Woo was her dependency on Joon Young, declaring him her everything. That was too big of a burden for Joon Young. Just lisetelah Tae O, Sun Woo needed to live a life wdi sini beinew york Joon Young’s mother was part of her world, not all of it.

Was tdi sini mengharapkan for newly dating neighbors Je Hyuk and Ye Rim? No, they parted ways. But tryinew york again made me respect both these characters. When Ye Rim sobbed she might tidak pernah be able to forgive Je Hyuk, I wondered if the translation was correct. Ye Rim forgave Je Hyuk, but she was never able to TRUST Je Hyuk. Implodingi their martial trust, was Je Hyuk’s doing. Lack of trust was milik mereka undoing.

How did I do on my wish list for the final episode of this series?* Sun Woo gets Joon Youngai back and stops lettingi Tae O kerusakan her life. PARTIALLY GRANTED. I wanted Sun Woo build a future that not marred by her past. She didn’t really accomplish that. She waited in her house, in her life, in limbo and purgatory, for Joon Young’s return. He came kembali in the final scene. But I wonder, was she ready to life HER life? Or did she return to livingi life FOR Joon Young?* Tae O learpejarakan how to untuk mengambil care of himself. PARTIALLY GRANTED. He was a work in evolusi walraja the path not as co-dependent on Sun Woo and becomaaf a self-sustaining adult.* Joon Youngi finds a path that works for him. PARTIALLY GRANTED. Joon Young was the one character unfairly affected by the swirl of his parent’s divorce. Horrified they might begin again, Joon Young ran away. I want to believe when he returned, he was ready to mulai his lanjut halaman without fear that his parents would reunite and implode his dunia again.* Da Kyungai and her family doesn’t get drawn kembali into the swirl. GRANTED. The single scene with Da Kyungai was perfect. Da Kyungai may have masa depan ramificatiopejarakan with her daughter Jenny grows up and asks about her father.

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* Je Hyuk and Ye Rim decide their future. GRANTED. Kapan I liked the second round of this couple, Ye Rim mungkin tidak pernah fully trust Je Hyuk and they ended milik mereka relationship. It was the right choice. Both ended the series with a fresh start.