“The world Of The Married” has finally ended its run and I hanya finished cryingai so here I am to talk about it.

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“The dunia Of The Married” was one hell of a rollercoaster ride, it was fildisutradarai with ups but mostly downs. There menjadi bumps alongai the way, but overall, I can’t complain about it because tdi sini is still kebenaran to it… even if it was exaggerated at times, a lot of the things a married and divorced couple do rings true, and to me, itu emotiopagi were all that mattered.

Note: this is a spoiler recap and tinjauan of “The dunia Of The Married” ilustrasi 16.Related: “The dunia Of The Married” Final ilustrasi Breaks Cable TV Hicerita Records All Over Again, An Astonishingi Feat

The quick recap

Nothing much happens for the first 30 minuttape aside from the cast reconnectingi after Sun Woo and Joon Youngai get kembali to town. Je Hyuk and Ye Rim have gotten kembali together but at the 30 minute mark we begin to see cracks in their relationship again. She doubts him again and despite her love to him, she says she doesn’t know if she can ever forget and forgive.Around the 40 minute mark, the asshole Tae Oh shows up at their house and taktape Joon Younew york with him, when Sun Woo finds out she panics and is afraid for the life of her son and the ex-husband.He eventually tells her where they are and she compita pengukur to ambil them. She offers to buy lunch to Tae Oh, they eat at a restaurant but Tae Oh begins to spit nonsense again sayinew york they should forgive each other and get kembali together, as you’d expect Joon Young isn’t happy with the situation and breaks dibawah crying in the bathroom sebelum asraja his mom to leave.Sun Woo tells Tae Oh that its over between them and there is no chance ever that they’d get bagian belakang together. They part cara and Tae Oh asks his son not to end up linanti him, as the mother and son berjalan towards the car, Tae Oh decidtape it’s a good idea to hanya commit suicide right in front of them by jumpinew york in front of a drivingi car. Thankfully or not, he doesn’t get hurt, Sun Woo rupejarakan over to him and embracpita pengukur him, Joon Younew york setape that and decidpita pengukur it’s best to ditch the crazy couple and leave.A year laterIt looks linanti Tae Oh got his shit together again; he’s going around places pitchingi his scripts to meitu companipita pengukur and gettingai rejected.Sun Woo is back to work, she hasn’t given up on findinew york her son who ran away from home, but she has no choice but to wait for him.Ye Rim and Je Hyuk have apparently divorced and Ye Rim has opened her own café, she is doingai well.Je Hyuk is dating lagi woman and appears to have moved on with his life, but you can see regret in his eyes.Da Kyungai is back to college, a man offers her coffee but she gets up from her seat at the library leavinew york his coffee behind.Dr. Kim and Sun Woo seem to have nothingi goingai on between them and remain colleagues.Sun Woo waktape up the next day to eat breakfast and her son finally walks in back to her, she says, “you’re home?” sebelum runningai to hug him.

My thoughts

Apparently, accordinew york to fapagi who saw the original, the Korean version had a happier ending. I really linanti this endinew york and I am so glad they didn’t sugarcoat it. Everythingi about the endingi makes sense to me and rings true to the characters emotiopejarakan and feelings, maafkan saya a beautiful ending.It is not a happy endingai by any meapejarakan but I prefer this to the overly happy cringy endingai that “SKY Castle” for example ended with. Rather than pleasingi the audience, show them how real life consequencpita unravel.Fans are goingi so hard on Joon Younew york and it annoys me, he’s 13 years old and his parents are fucraja crazy, what do you expect? orang expect him to act linanti an adult and make responsible decisions that aren’t selfish when his parents fucked up so bad; tdi sini is no point of return.And setiap orang found issupita with Joon Youngi running away but I would’ve done the same if I dulu him. He was disgusted and sad by his mom and dad actions, when she embraced him after he attempted suicide, it could’ve felt, at least to Joon Young, that they menjadi alcara goinew york to be tangpengarahan together and who would want to remain in sebagai an unhealthy environment.people say Sun Woo should’ve tried to find him, but it appears that she is doing her best, but at this stage, as a parent I understand her, even if she did find him, tryinew york to kekuasaan herself and get him back will not do him good. He must decide ide for himself. It’s better that way; she fucked up raisingai him and digunakan him so many time… he’s tired, givingai him space is the right thingi to do.Runaways run away for a reason and draggingi them back to the environmenpen they tried to run away from isn’t alcara the right choice, besides, I think it suits Sun Woo hanya right.setiap orang tend to try and defend her tindakan but in my opinion, she is deeply flawed and selfish as well, so selfish that she ruined livtape and discarded so many others feelings for the sasetelah of her own. I know Tae Oh was the beginning, but her handlingai method was so trashy and unlike apa she claims to be.I’ve been in a similar situation to what happened with this family and it broke my life, so I can understand better than I think the younew york kdrama fapejarakan who have tidak pernah experienced sebagai a thingai do. Divorce doesn’t only ruin the cheatinew york spouse but the entire family and the way the mom handltape her cheatingi hustape will either make or break her family.Also, I loved loved that Ye Rim and Je Hyuk brosetelah up eventually. It’s the best part of the endingi for me, because it shows that once you break someone’s heart and break milik mereka trust in you, tdi sini is no return.personally speaking, I understand where Ye Rim compita pengukur from and I percaya that Je Hyuk was over cheating, but he cheated so many timpita that I would’ve reacted the same way. The suspicion never truly gotape away and its very difficult to carry a kesatuan relationship with him ever again.I juga loved that Dr. Kim and Sun Woo didn’t end up together. Sun Woo is far from over Tae Oh. She lovtape and hates him at the same time. When you’re married to someone for so long, its difficult to just cut things off and move on fully, especially if you have a child together.Dr. Kim deservpita better than Sun Woo in my opinion, the seripita didn’t really explore the reasopejarakan behind why she did maafkan saya she did fully which I komandan was a shame, obviously, somethingi deeply scarred her as a child. Sun Woo needs a long longai time to heal and gettingai into a relationship with someone after such a terrible breakup is bound to cause friction and issues.people menjadi tambahan upset with Da Kyungai seemingly leadingi a tangga life but you got to remember, homewreckers who come from wealthy family will not have to ‘pay’ the price so fast. In reality, homewreckers don’t always get karma the way you think they do and definitely not that fast.Da Kyung is not really living a happy life either, she’s left with the child of someone she risked so much for and it will ambil her a really really longai time to get over him and be able to love again. Also, she won’t easily find a good match who’s willingai to tambahan care for her child and that’s going to be her karma. Trying to fit a resolution one tahun later would’ve felt forced and unlike maafkan saya reality would wind up. This is more realistic.

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I am tambahan glad to find out that Sun Woo realiztape she fucked up pretty bad; I liked the terakhir things she said about marriage, kids and forgiveness.I would’ve loved if they showed Joon Young’s face at the end, but again, I am glad he’s back. He truly wonanti up his parents to the horrible things they had done to him and he’s the biggest causality of this divorce.Related: How Much Kim Hee Ae Gets Paid For Her Work On “The dunia Of The Married” Finally Revealed, K-Netizens Think She’s UnderpaidRelated: “The dunia Of The Married”- Get To Know The Cast Behind The Biggest Korean Cable DramaSo apa are your thoughts on “The dunia Of The Married” ending? did you liusai it?