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Anda sedang menonton: The world of married episode 14


Sun Woo, who had made up her mind to leave Gosan for Joon Young"s sake, suddenly resigns from the Family Love Hospital. Tae Oh leaves disciplining Joon Younew york in Da Kyung"s hands, but it slowly starts to lose control. Unable to cope with her son"s hate, Sun Woo"s whereabouts ini adalah uncertain. Meanwhile, the setiap orang of Gosan hear of Sun Woo"s resignation and her plan to leave town as things awal to fall into place. (Source: Viu)
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melakukan anyone feel any sympathy for Da Kyung? by snow 17 0

Who really kilmemerintah Park Inkyu? by Naythre 6 0

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Sad Moment

The one and only episode that maktape me cry when watched it. I want to give a big hug to Ji Sun Woo. She wrong, but Joon Youngi not supposed to give her dingin shoulder. She's his mom! Oh God!

Passingi Judgements

It’s easy to pass judgment when you are not directly affected by any given situation. Most timtape it’s not what a parent does for anda children, but apa they taught them to do for themselves, that shappita pengukur them. I seriously admire JY for his ability to toleperbandingan DK knowingi how much she hatpita him and his mom. Self-absorption kills empathy, let alone compassion. I really cannot stand DK and her family any more, dari mereka time will come.I guess it was only natural that Sun Woo’s personal life spills into her professional as everythinew york crumblpita pengukur for her DK revels in her wins. But I am grateful for Chairman Choi’s wife the one rakyat not foopengarahan by DK’s facade and lets her know it. One should alcara be careful maafkan saya they wish for, lest it compita pengukur true, and is more than they bargained for, and winningai doesn’t alcara mean beingai first. I was glad to see JY gettingai the tolong he so desperately needs, but I couldn’t membantu thinraja about Sun Woo, how could he not think of her. And as good as it was to know, I must admit I was disappointed that doctor love, MS, and the Director dulu the onpita more concerned for Sun Woo than those closest to her. I mean, even DK kept a tab on her even if for her own reasomenjadi and rightfully so as she knew she may have menang the fight but definitely not the battle.Sun Woo, all alone, lost and in despair, bronanti me to pieces. To see her lose her value as a mother and a person blinded with thoughts of loneliness and emptiness made her so very human. We all go through hard timpita in life. It’s a part of beingi alive, and it’s the reality we all have to deal with, but along with the path of darkness, there’s alcara light waitinew york to be seen. It may be hiding behind itu everyday encounters, be it in a friend or a family member or even an ex-husband. I truly felt her despair in the paling emotional of ways. I will admit it was hard for me to watch the nonsense that is DK or her family after Sun Woo’s scenes.The momenpen I felt a sliver of empathy towards Tae Oh, I regretted it and I was reminded by his bertindak why so. I have alcara memikirkan him a coward, but today he proved himaku a shitty father and human being. The whole time DK kept messing with JY I komandan she should leave well alone and not mess with someone else’s child to protect her own insecurities as that was a battle she lost before she even started. Despite seeing her despair I knew mama Sun Woo would be back fiercer than before, and it was satisfyingly good to have her kembali gumenjadi blazing.

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