L > Trainee Source Reference Reference Phase 9 ablation Term made use of to explain some sorts of therapy of prostate cancer cells. anuria The lack of pee development by the kidneys. benign prostatic hyperplasia An enhancement of the prostate gland that usually takes place in guys over age 50. persistent kidney condition The dynamic loss of kidney feature over years or months. cystitis A swelling of the bladder. cystocele A rupture of the bladder via the genital wall surface; additionally called a dropped bladder. cystolith A rock in the urinary system bladder. cystopexy The medical addiction of the bladder to the stomach wall surface. cystoscopy The aesthetic assessment of the urinary system bladder making use of a cystoscope. dialysis A treatment to get rid of waste items, such as urea, creatinine, along with excess water from the blood of a client whose kidneys no more work. diuresis The boosted result of pee. end-stage kidney illness The last of persistent kidney illness. enuresis The uncontrolled discharge of pee. epispadias A genetic problem of the urethral opening. In the man with epispadias, the urethral opening lies on the top surface area of the penis; in the woman with epispadias, the urethral opening remains in the area of the clitoris. extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy The damage of kidney rocks with using high-energy ultrasonic waves taking a trip with water or gel. glomerulonephritis A kind of nephritis triggered by swelling of the glomeruli that triggers red cell as well as healthy proteins to leakage right into the pee. hemodialysis The procedure through which waste items are filteringed system straight from the person’& rsquo; s blood . hydronephrosis The swelling of one or both kidneys as the outcome of a blockage of the circulation of pee. hydroureter The extending of a ureter with pee, is triggered by an obstruction in the ureter that does not permit the pee to move typically. hyperproteinuria The visibility of unusually high focus of healthy protein in the pee. hypoproteinemia The existence of extraordinarily reduced focus of healthy protein in the blood. hypospadias A hereditary irregularity of the urethral opening. In the man with hypospadias, the urethral opening gets on the forward surface area of the penis; in the woman with hypopadias, the urethra opens up right into the vaginal canal. urinary incontinence The lack of ability to manage the discharging of pee and/or feces. interstitial cystitis A persistent swelling within the wall surfaces of the bladder. intravenous pyelogram A radiographic research of the ureters as well as kidneys. nephrolith A rock situated in the kidney. nephrolithiasis Explains the visibility of rocks in the kidney. nephrolysis The medical without a kidney from attachments. nephrons The tiny useful devices of each kidney where pee is created with the procedures of reabsorption, filtering, as well as secretion. nephropathy Any type of condition of the kidney. nephroptosis The prolapse, or falling, of a kidney right into the pelvic location when the person stands. nephropyosis Suppuration of the kidney. nephrostomy The positioning of a catheter to keep an opening from the hips of one or both kidneys to the outside of the body. nephrotic disorder A team of problems in which extreme quantities of healthy protein are shed via the pee. neurogenic bladder An urinary system trouble triggered by disturbance with the typical nerve paths connected with peeing. nocturia Extreme as well as constant peeing throughout the evening. nighttime enuresis Urinary system urinary incontinence throughout rest; additionally referred to as bed-wetting. oliguria Scanty peeing. percutaneous nephrolithotomy The medical elimination of a nephrolith with a tiny laceration in the back. peritoneal dialysis The cellular lining of the peritoneal dental caries works as the filter to eliminate waste from the blood. polycystic kidney condition aA congenital disease defined by the development of various fluid-filled cysts in the kidneys. polyuria Too much peeing, as well as is a typical sign of diabetic issues. prostatism A problem arising from the compression, or blockage, of the urethra as a result of benign prostatic hyperplasia. pyeloplasty The medical repair work of the ureter as well as kidney hips. pyelotomy A medical cut right into the kidney hips. suprapubic catheterization The positioning of a catheter right into the bladder via a little cut made via the stomach wall surface simply over the pubic bone. uremia A hazardous problem arising from kidney failing in which kidney feature is endangered as well as urea and also various other waste items typically produced in the pee are preserved in the blood. ureterectasis The enhancement of a ureter. ureterolith A rock situated anywhere along the ureter. ureterorrhagia The discharge of blood from the ureter. ureterorrhaphy The medical suturing of a ureter. urethritis A swelling of the urethra. urethropexy The medical addiction of the urethra to neighboring cells. urethrorrhagia Blood loss from the urethra. urethrostenosis Tightening of the urethra. urethrotomy A medical laceration right into the urethra for alleviation of a stricture. urinary system catheterization The insertion of a tube right into the bladder in order to obtain a clean and sterile sampling for analysis functions, or to drain pipes pee. vesicovaginal fistula An irregular opening in between the bladder as well as vaginal area that enables continuous uncontrolled circulation of pee from the bladder right into the vaginal area. invalidating cystourethrography An analysis treatment in which a fluoroscope is utilized to analyze the circulation of pee from the bladder and also via the urethra.