The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Area Mutants

Designer : Imagineering Author : Recognition Amusement System : NES Launched in United States : April 25,   1991 Launched in EU : December 12,   1991

This video game has actually concealed designer credit histories.

This video game has extra graphics.
This video game has extra products.
This video game has a covert audio examination.

This video game has a prerelease short article

The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Room Mutants marks The Simpsons" initial venture right into the globe of house computer game. Regrettable it"s an instead average video game.


In the initial stage, depend on the awning over Device Globe"s door. From there, dive to the left, as well as attempt to place on your own simply to the right of the initial shrub you see. You must land on top of the turf if done appropriately. Push down to fall, and also the initials "RK" will certainly drop from above. This additionally transforms the adversaries on the left right into the initials "LK/AK", though they will certainly go back to typical if you leave the location.

These might be loved ones of Garry as well as Dan Cooking area, 2 of the video game"s designers/programmers, or perhaps Jesse Kapili, the video game"s musician.


In the 2nd phase, the 2nd wastebasket on the 2nd flooring can be gotten on consistently to launch a variety of helpful things, consisting of coins, hats, a 1-up, invulnerability, as well as a lot more strange initials:


These are most likely family members of Henry C. Will IV, among the video game"s designers. Every one deserves one coin.


The 3rd trash bin additionally holds the very same initials, however they are a lot harder to launch below. The wastebasket function as an 8-bit change register; getting on it while Bart is encountering left changes in a 1, while encountering ideal changes in a 0. To obtain the things to show up, you require to effectively enter their connected hex worth. Get on the wastebasket 6 times in the order left, right, left, right, left, left ( 101011 , and after that 2 even more times to launch the matching product:

00 ($A/C) : RW 01 ($ADVERTISEMENT) : AW 10 ($AE) : KW 11 ($AF) : JW


On the exact same flooring, past the 3rd wastebasket, there is a black space behind-the-scenes with an added life over it and also grey footwear to the left. Stand in the void under the additional life, dive, and also promptly press Up, B, Down in mid-air (you can hold the A switch while doing this). A product with Henry Will"s name composed in katakana will certainly fall to the left:


This can be done as often times as you like, though just 2 of the things can be on-screen simultaneously. Accumulating the product lowers the objective counter, much like hats do.

Lastly, getting rid of the 2nd phase miniboss"s hat while the X-Ray Specifications are energetic will certainly change the hat with the initials "AW".

In the 3rd phase, begin the Lucky Live roulette mini-game. When asked to choose a number, press A (not B ) on the numbers 5, 4, 3, 8, 6 , because order. A product with the initials "KMB" will certainly show up to the right.

After going into the Enjoyable Home, continue to the Dizzy Doors problem. To make these initials show up, you have to open up a particular series of doors prior to the timer ends. For the functions of this challenge, the doors are phoned number 1-9; the lower row is 1-3, the center row is 4-6, and also the leading row is 7-9. Unlock in the order 1, 2, 1, 1, 9, 5, 2 , and also a thing with the initials "PJB" will certainly show up.

In the tar pit with the dinosaur bones, depend on the side of the initial dinosaur"s neck, straight beneath the volcano behind-the-scenes. Dive 10 times as high as you can, and also a thing with the initials "KAK" will certainly show up.

It appears that a minimum of one added enigma product was meant to show up someplace in the Springfield Shopping mall. It"s Blobert, the co-star of A Young boy and also His Ball, one more Imagineering video game. Modification ROM address $240A to worth $A4 as well as get on the 2nd wastebasket on the 2nd flooring of the Springfield Shopping mall to see him.

These symbols can be located amongst the various other utilized symbols for the supply things of the video game HUD. There is no coding or names for these products inside the ROM, just extra product with index $0B has name "ROCKET", has actually no image connected with. It"s the like normal Rocket thing, however without a Rocket in any way. You simply terminate a suit and also there is no Rocket to fire.

Audio Examination


On the very first degree, fire the letter "E" of the "Kwik-E-Mart" indicator with a rocket. This will certainly compensate you with a Krusty head worth 3 added lives, as well as a brand-new Noise Examination alternative! Select it from your stock by pushing the Select switch, pick an audio result by pushing Up or Down , then press Begin to play it.

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